4 Days Late And Need Opinions Please

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Alex - May 16

Well, pretty much this is the deal...The past 3 months (Feb., March, April) I have started on the 12th so I of course expect the same this month to be the same since I have been regular. Well here we are on the 16th and no go on the period...no cramps (which are common before I start) but my br___ts are sore (which sometimes indicates period) but this time so are my nipples (which is unusual). I have had an increase in appit_te and frequent urination (which I know are symptoms but I thought they came later). The last date I had intercourse was the 25th of April (which makes since for a conseption date, so I'm told). Well today I did notice some pinkish cream and very light but bright red blood spots the 2nd and last time I checked (of 4 checks). Usually when I see a period its not bright red and it's not really like that after 2 hours of checking (though it getting lighter as the night goes). Maybe it's me trying to think myself into being pregnant :) But give me some opinions on what you think!


Crystal - May 16

Well you might pregnant it all kind of makes sense, if you dont want to be and your stressing out just try to relax here, getting stressed doesnt help the situation. When I found out i was pregnant i was 5 days late, so go ahead and get a test and se what happens! Good Luck!


Alexandra - May 16

No I do want to be :) that's why I am like AHH please please please :)


April - May 16

It's kinda sounding to me like you are... don't get too excited yet until you test... but I would say there's a good chance you're pregnant


Alexandra - May 16

I only had 2 small light and bright red spots today, the rest has just been pink/creamy discharge....crossing the fingers and doing all but snort the baby dust :)


Crystal - May 17

Well I have been having pinkish to frank blood discharge along with cramping and we were told we had a 50/50 chance of the pregnancy going thru. If there has been a lot of stress, not enough rest, poor diet, try to take those things into consideration. But the bst thing to do is to go and get yourself a test first thing in the morning and see how everything turns out. Please let us know what happens!


Alexandra - May 17

Well it looks like I am going to have to wait another month....I got heavy blood this morning which mean about 98% chance that it's my period :(



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