4 Weeks Or Closer To 8

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Jen - October 28

Curious for thoughts. I had my last MP the end of Sept. 26ish-Oct.1. Had some bleeding 2weeks later. The next week I took a hpt- it turned out positive and pregnancy has been confirmed thru bld. tests. Could I have been so newly pregnant? Or could I have possibly conceived in September?


to jen - October 28

I think either your body produces A LOT of Hcg or you conceived earlier than you thought..Some women get periods even when they 're pregnant..Did you ask your doctor? Good Luck.


jen - October 28

Thanks! Yes did ask, but he really didn't help, had an ultrasound done a couple of days ago and he didn't see anything- but my lining was pronounced. All I can think about is when did this happen..what have I been doing since! My mind is a boggle!


Jessica - October 29

Here is my theory. Well you had your period Sept 26th - Oct 1st and then ovulated about 14 days later. Maybe you ovulated earlier. Then the bleeding you had two weeks later was implantation bleeding. Then you took at pregnancy test about 7 days past ovulation and it came up positive which would be normal. I would say youa are about 4 weeks pregnant. Especially because on the ultrasound you didnt see much. I wouldnt worry at all and just start enjoying your pregnancy and get a prenatal vitamin. Once the doctor gives you your due date, you will be able to count back and see when you conceived! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!


jen - October 29

thanks! beginning to relax and enjoy, hoping that all is well and healthy!


Heather - October 30

Jen - I had a similar problem. I had AF 1 april and again 1 may but slightly lighter. The doc was putting my due date by 1 may AF. When they did what they thought was a 12 week ultrasound I actually measured at 15 weeks and 20 week ultrasound showed 21 weeks and I keep measuring 1 week ahead. So I'm guessing 1 april was my last AF before conceiving! Since there is only a 1 week difference between my due date and what I have been measuring, they won't change my due date! Once you hit 12 - 16 weeks, an ultrasound can give them a pretty accurate EDD.



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