5 Days Late, 2 Day Period, Negative Pregnancy Test

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tgk22 - January 27

Hey there! I'm new here, and have been scouring the internet for answers to this but decided to ask my own question. Should have been ovulating around the time of Dec. 29-Jan. 4 ish or so... period was due Jan 17th, had some brown spotting for a few days, then period came the 22nd, and lasted 2 days. It felt like a real period, although more medium flow than the usual heavy flow. I've had some spotting since the past few days. Took a test yesterday morning and was negative. Did I just have a super weird period this month? After inputting this period into my period tracking app, it pushed my ovulation time to Jan. 3-8 (which I know is just because the period came late, but is it possible that my ovulation actually did occur late?) My partner came inside me on the 7th. Thoughts? I should probably go to the doctor, but I feel like I don't have much reason to with a negative pregnancy test...


Grandpa Viv - January 27

You aren’t listing early pregnancy signs. It’s most likely just a weird cycle. Visit a doctor if your February period is equally weird. 


tgk22 - January 27

I will wait and see what happens next month. Although I am convinced this is a bit psychosomatic, I have been overly emotional (one day after my missed period I thought I was expereincing the most PMS I've ever experienced in my life and cried at work and had to go home), I have been extremely emotional (crying and some slightly illogical anger), have been exhausted, bloated, and nauseas on occasion but only for a few seconds and then it passes. 


Grandpa Viv - January 28

Exhausted and emotional count as a couple of early signs. I think you should run another test a week after the last. Maybe a cyst is responsible. 


tgk22 - January 28

Thank you, yes I will test again next week. This whole weekend I've pretty much felt like I have  MILD stomach flu. Like no actual vomiting or anything, but just queasy, light headed, exhausted, and definitely emotional, but if I am sick sometimes I'm more emotional then anyway. I hate not knowing what's going on with my body.


Chidimma - February 8

I have a problem


Chidimma - February 8

Gud day. My period lasted for only two days and on the third and fourth days it ceased. Am only seeing scanty of spotted that is brownish in colour. Pls someone should tell,is it normal, iam afraid



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