5 Htp For Depression Anxiety And Pregnancy

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Darren - October 6

My wife has been using 5-HTP for support with Anxiety and depression. We just found out she is pregnant and we worry about taking it. There hasn't been any research so all the doctors are says don't use. Yet we hear people can use Paxal and the like. Anyone out there use 5-HTP while pregnant?


E - October 6

I believe 5-HTP is the precursor for Serotonin? I took some pharmacology courses in college but it ends there. There are some SSRI's that are safe during preg, and some that are not. Given that this chemical has no research, I would not take the chance. Your wife should switch to an approved medication. You do not want to find out 5 months into the pregnancy that your baby has a heart defect or that alike. Good luck:)


Christina - October 6

I have to say that the person before me hit it right on the nail. Your best bet is to talk with your doctor, and see what else there is out there that is safe. Just be sure that it's a cla__s B or C. That just means that they have been tested on women who have been pregnant. Who knows maybe with this being the best time in you wife's lifeshe can go off all drugs. Good Luck.


E - October 6

I think only Cla__s A drugs have been tested on pregnant women. Cla__s B may have or may have not been tested on pregnant women. Cla__s C has not been tested on pregnant women. I think... It would be easy to research this on google.


R - October 6

Darren: First of all, your wife is going to need you now more than ever. I suffer from Panic Attacks (Anxiety driven) and obsessive complusive disorder & until you have a mental illness it is very difficult to understand that you cannot just stop taking the medicine or switch. Switching is difficult b/c not every drug will work w/your body chemical's & condition. Unfortunately, I do not believe any of the prior posters realize this. You have to weigh several things. First of all, if your wife is already anxious & depressed, not being on medication can make this type of condition worse epecially while pregnant. I consulted many Psych. & OB's before deciding to stay on medication while pregnant. You have to ask yourself this: Is the baby at more risk if my wife is not medicated than it would be if she were medicated? Anxiety and depression can cause problems not only w/the baby but w/the pregnancy-- Is being off medication less of a risk than that? Only you and your wife can decide. Your wife knows how she feels. I unfortunately, was unable to go off medication prior to pregnancy & had to stay on medication during pregnancy. The drug I was on was a category D which is one of the worst. Everything turned out fine. Please consult your doctor. Best of luck & Congrats!


Bea Jean - October 6

Absolutely True! You cannot switch or just stop taking 5-HTP. If you have a mental disorder such as anxiety or depression switching or stopping can be dangerous for the female. You must be under close physician direction/guidance if either is attempted. Having a baby can and usually will increase anxiety and depression so this is not something to be taking lighting. If the mother stops taking medication & is under alot of anxiety or depression the fetus is at risk as well as the woman. You should talk to your doctor & determine which risks are greater going off the medicine or switching w/negative metal results or staying on the medicine w/potention birth defects. Anxiety and depression can harm a fetus as much as medication depending on the severity of the anxiety and depression. I took anti-depressants and blood pressure medicine to control myself before, during, and after pregnancy & my children are all healthy and beautiful.


Re: R's post - October 7

How do you know everything is fine with your child? How old is your child? The effects of drugs do not always appear as physical birth defects but can appear later in life in a variety of forms (slow in school, ADHD, hyperactivity, social problems, etc...). You should really think about what you posted. I never said to switch immediately and the a__sumption was ALWAYS that the OP's wife would be under a doctor's care. I do not think the OP's wife is the one who should determine the risks a__sociated with this medication. The doctors have clearly stated DO NOT USE. I doubt she has tried every available option and the last one she should rely on is one with no research.


R - October 7

I did think before I posted & it is obvious from your statements that you have never had a mental disorder and don't know the suffering that can go along w/it. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT MY CHILDREN ARE FINE-- I have three children & one on the way. I was on the same medication when I was pregnant with each of them (Category D) and they are all healthy & have NEVER had problems. I started my family at 20 yrs old & I am now pregnant with my 4th child (at 39). I currently have a 19 yr. old, 15 yr. old, and 11 yr old. Again, none of them have health problems & have never had problems like you mentioned. My 19 yr. old is in college on a full ride academic scholorship and my younger children are both on the honor roll so that really does not prove your point!!. I consulted w/Psych & OB's all through the Mayo Clinic before I decided to get pregnant on the medication and Honey, hate to tell you but I am sure they know more about it then you do.


E - October 7

Wow, you are so hostile... Get a grip.


R - October 7

I am not hostile, silly girl. I am merely stating the facts that you don't know what you are talking about.


E - October 7

I was just wondering what age your children are so that I could make the point that physcial birth defects are not the only problems a__sociated with prescription drug use. Also , just b/c your children turned out fine does not mean you should feel authorized to give the green light to others to take meds that have no research. YOU GOT LUCKY. Taking a Category D is very serious as you stated and I am sure you have counted your blessings that your children are healthy. Not all mothers are be able to do that as everyone has different genetic predispositions and unapproved, unstudied, or unsafe drugs can act as triggers to defects.


Hope - October 7

Hello. I have an older girlfriend who required this type of medication and she had healthy children. Research is typically done with a control group, etc. The everyday population is not surveryed for those statistics. I would trust in your doctors. Most of them have or have had patients pregnant on certain medications & know the outcomes. You have to remember if your health, mental or otherwise, is poor then your child will be at risk. If it means medication to be healthy you may need to continue the medication or consider adoption if you don't want the risks.


R - October 7

Do you not know what this forum is about E?? It is about giving your opinions & your stories. I never gave anyone the "GREEN LIGHT". If you had any understanding you would know that this forum does not replace the advise of any physician. As for my children, I don't believe I got "LUCKY"--- have you not read the other posts. I am not the only one you have had healthy children while on rx drugs. Also, I know my doctors have/had other pregnant woman who were medicated without problems.


E - October 7

How can you possibly dispute the fact that you did not get lucky when taking Cat. D drugs while pregnant?


E - October 7

Like you said there is no research for D. Therefore, how do you know that D is bad? Obviuosly, I did not have bad results and several Psych & OB's through the Mayo clinic gave me the go ahead.


Debbie - October 7

I too took a category D drug while pregnant the first time. I am still taking the category D drug & I am 8 months pregnant. My first child is 10 and very social, intelligent, and has no birth defects. He is perfect. The sonograms show that my baby on the way does not have birth defects either. I had to continue taking the drug b/c mentally I could not handle being off the drugs & my doctors indicated that being off the medication was a higher risk than being on the medication. You really need to know how severe your condition is. Darren, if your wife's condition is not severe the doctors may feel she would be fine not being on medication. She can always try switching or being w/o & if it does not work go back on. However, it is difficult to switch or be w/o if you have a sever mental disease. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now I am going to be blunt, E you just need to shut-up b/c you clearly have never been through this.


E - October 7

Please stop telling me I do not know what I am talking about. Category D: Adequate well-controlled or observational studies in pregnant women have demonstrated a risk to the fetus. ----------- I never stated that 5-HTP was a D Category. You stated YOU took Cat. D drugs while pregnant. ALSO, I never stated that Cat. D drugs did not have research.



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