5 Months And Still Not Showing Normal

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monica - February 16

i just hit my 5 month mark, this is my first child, is this normal. i thought i would already have a belly. i'm not over weight. i weighed 125 at 5 '4. i've gained some weight but i still cant tell that i'm pregnant. shouldn't my belly have popped out by now?


ekay - February 16

I didn't start having a belly with my 1st until about 5 1/2 -6 months. It stinks because you want to wear all those cute maternity clothes.


Breanne - February 16

I feel the same way even though I'm a little earlier, at 14 weeks. I look at the belly pictures on other websites, and I don't even look pregnant yet. I get really worried about the baby when I can't see my belly growing.


levi - February 16

hi everyone, if i were you i would enjoy not having a belly, i am onto my 5th baby and am 19 weeks pregnant and i am ma__sive, but when i was pregnant with my 1st i didnt show until about 6 months. Believe me ladys you will wake up one morning look at your tummys and think were the hell has my belly come from, enjoy while it lasts.


louise - February 17

i know a girl who was 7 months pregnant and she looks like shes swallowed a pea. its such a diddy little bump no one would know she was pregnant. then she got to 8 months and ballooned out. just wait tosee, u will end up with a bump that people can tellkyour pregnant!


Gretchen - February 18

I am the same way. I am 4 months pregnant and not showing at all. I've heard all the stories on "missed abortions" and such, so this of course worries me.


cheryl - February 18

with my first child I was 6 moths beforeI started getting a tummy. I'm 18 weeks with this baby and have been wearing maternity clothes for 4 weeks. First pregnancys typically don't show as soon. Don't worry, everyone is different. You'll get your tummy too! Good luck!


lOUISE-MARIE - March 8

Your baby seems normal to me I to am 5 harlf months pregnant about 24 weeks Its natural to worry about this as I dont have mutch of a belly either. my midwife says that my baby is normal and its ok for some mothers to only be small. because you are only 5ft4 it is obvious that your baby will be small because you are small runs in the geans.I am 5ft1 and weigh 6stones 9 if I wasnt pregnant I would only weigh 6 stones 3,1bs try not to worry too much.are you eating well plenty of apples are good for growing babys and eat garlic it helps with the growth of mother and baby.many wonan are differant and our bodies respond diferantly to each and every woman.This is my first baby too.But I know quite alot about babys and development so im sure you are perfectly normal some woman dont show at all my late mother,n,law was 6 months before she even knew she was expecting.dont worry enjoy yourself and think possitive everything is going fine beleive me. Yours louise-marie aspinall ps I cant wait for delivery day im expecting a little boy yippeeee.........


to louise-marie - March 8

thanks for the advice, it was hard to eat well in the beginning my husband and i bought a new house we call it the "money pit" long story short we had no kitchen for a month and lived with my parents for another month so it was fast food, but now i've been eating well and exercising, i also try to drink a lot of water but that is hard for me. when are you due? i am having a girl, july 10th. sooo nervous


Kelly - March 12

I took a pregnancy test when I thought I was first prenant and it was negative. I was relieved and didnt think much more about it after that, although it did cross my mind as my periods have seemed to be shorter and slightly lighter. I am pregnant I would now be about 6 months. There is no real visible bump but I feel like there is a constant swelling in my tummy and i'm thinking about pregnancy more and more. I have had no other symptoms what so ever.


Kelly - March 12

sorry that should have been "IF I am pregnant..."


re kelly - March 13

kelly- you should go see a doctor and find out for sure- home pregnancy tests aren't always accurate, you're going to have little time left to prepare for the birth and such if you really are pregnant!


#2 - March 13

Consider yourself lucky! Everybody carries different. I was showing after a month and from 110lbs proceeded to weigh 180!


Jamie - March 14

I'm also 5 momnths, and not showing - well...I'm showing if you know me, but if you don't, then you can't tell I'm preggers. I weighed 110 pre-pregnancy, and only about 117 now. But, according to my doc, I'm actually having a big baby - so for me, I think it's just cause I was so small to begin with.


Lynise - March 26

I'm on my fourth month and I'm not showing that much either. It is nice not having to buy new work clothes yet. Yes, it is my first, too. A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor and the baby's heartbeat was strong and moving around like an athlete. I still feel my ligaments stretching and my b___st are sore. Yes, it is wierd, because you are ready to show, but can't. Just let it happen. The baby is in there just fine.


kenyamama - March 27

i was still in all my regular clothes except my jeans at 5 mos with my first. you'll be surprised how fast that belly pops out! congrats!


sian - March 30

yes it should have



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