5 Months Prego And Not Showing

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Jessie - May 5

I am barely showing at all I just look fatter than I was (size 14-16 before conception) and I haven’t felt movement, where’s my baby?????


Jaimee - May 5

I didn't start showing untill i was 6 months along and i was in a bikini until then. I was small through out my whole pregnancy, though i packed on the wieght afterwards.


Misty - May 5

That isn't something that I would worry about at all. Lots of women, especially if this is your first child, don't start showing until later in the pregnancy. And although it would be annoying since I know you must be looking forward to it, it also often takes longer for first timers to feel those first kicks. This is my second baby. I am 17 weeks tomorrow and I am just starting to really show and only every now and then feeling what I believe to be movements. I am getting impatient for the movements, but not for the getting bigger part. :-) I am a size 11 right now and was before I got pregnant and I am not looking forward to getting any bigger. Maybe if I was skinny I would really want the belly, but I'm not....so I don't. :-)


Daisy Jean - May 5

Hi. My sister in law hardly showed at all in her first pregnancy. We were all very amused taht she was wearing maternity clothes because she looked so skinny in them. She had small babies- she and my brother are just not big people- both of their children were under 5lbs and both born a little early but perfectly healthy. I think it means you just have excellent abs!


Lili - May 6



AD - May 6

Not necessarily Lili my friend hardly showed while pregnant and had a boy.


to jessie from grumpy - May 6

im the same size and i haven't had any showing! im 21 weeks i which i would get a bump already!! i tell people im preggy those that believe me and touch my belly i tell them theres no use it just my fat belly not preggy belly lol!!


Karen - May 6

I know excatly how you feel. Some things I wear make me look just fat and others make me look pregnant. I am now in between clothes. My maternity clothes are big and my clothes are getting too small. The open zipper pants thing just cant cut it any more. Because of my b___st going up two cup size (yes two cup sizes! ) I cam wear the maternity tops which still look big cause the belly is small. I have seen my baby so I know one is in there. But somedays I wonder. For movements I just recently started to feel them and I am just about 5 months. When are you due? Some babies are more active than others. So dont worry. All the best


Stephanie - May 6

I am the same way. Almost 22 weeks and not really looking "pregnant". My belly has not popped yet. I just feel a bit "thicker" in the stomach area then before prego. I was a size 4-6. Gained abut 18 lbs so far!! YIKES. I also go scared because my baby would move all the time and then all of a sudden she would stop and I wouldn't feel her for days!! But she always starts back up. Doc. said she could be turned inward therefore kicking inward, or could just be sleeping all the time. She could be moving while i'm sleeping. Who knows. She's ok though and she's definatley in there! Good Luck. Is this your first? Boy or Girl?


HAP - May 6

I am 29 weeks and I am not showing. I have gained 8 lbs. I was not skinny before but I really wanted to look the part sometime.


Jessie - May 6

Thank you all for the comments, it has made me feel so much better. This is my fist and we will know the s_x on May 12th.



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