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raikesm - June 7

im 5 weeks pregnant, afterone course of clomid and metformin, just had a scan but could not see anything only that my womb was thickening which they say is a good sign, im due to go back at 6 weeks to have another scan and hope that they see something, has anyone else experienced this


Twinmom2be - June 7

Congrats. I had a scan at 5.5 weeks (pg also from 1 round of clomid) and they saw a sac, with the possibility of 2. Did you dr say anything about seeing a sac?


amethyst_dragonfly - June 7

Congrats!!! Pleaee share your symptoms.


soimpatient - June 7

Congrats Raikesm! I just started my first course of clomid. What does were you on? I'm cd5-9 50mg. I'm hopeful but trying not to get my hopes up...if you know what I mean :)


raikesm - June 8

my docors said it was coomon not to see anything at that stage cause i was only 4.6 weeks, so i hopr they see something next week when i have another scan, i was taking 100mg of clomid a day from day 2-6. my b___bs are very sore at the moment that its waking me up in the night, eating loads at the moment but heaving alot in the morning, but not actually sick thank god, i hate sick, but trying to stay relaxed, for the past 3 years ive been told i cant have children because they think i was having an early menopause, (32 years old), so im finding it hard to get to excited,


raikesm - June 13

had another scan today at 6 weeks,still unable to see anything so they are now saying that they think that it is eptopic and i have had to have bloods taken which will be repeated in 48 hours.surely if it was eptopic they should have been able to see something in my tubes on the scan.they even did another test which of course still showed positive. i have had quite a bit of pain in my lower back but have had no signs of any bleeding at all so am finding all of this really difficult to cope with. we are just praying that they have made a mistake and that the baby is in there somewhere safe and sound,has anybody else ever had anything like this happen before.


raikesm - June 13

now really baffled,have just taken a phonecall saying that the blood results showed that i am definately not pregnant as the reading was only 2 and they said that i must have already lost it and should bleed soon and if i do another test they are sure it will now read negative.i have just done another test that doesnt read positive unless over 100 and it is still positive so what is going on,i can only a__sume that they have got my blood results mixed up with someone elses.i am now still sat on a timebomb because my tests are telling me i am still pregnant so obviously still a high chance of it being eptopic.


Lala - June 13

That is very perplexing! You need to call your doctor. You need more information! Don't be afraid to insist on more info, and to tell him about the pos urine test. It is thier job. You deserve some answers! (the only thing I can think of is that hCG does clear out of the blood faster than the urine,--but this does seem unlikely to be the answer considering your situation). I really don't think it would be out of line to request a repeat blood test. Get that doc to give you some answers, or if he really doesn't know, then he needs at least to give you a plan. best to you!



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