5 Weeks Pregnant And Counting

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bobbie - September 8

5 weeks pregnant and only a few symptoms. Is that normal?


dashly - July 4

i really didnt get any pregnancy symptoms until i was well near 5 months. i had sore b___st and that was it!!! each pregnancy is different with each person, you may experince some symptoms and then again you may not. if you have any serious concerns, talk to your doctor.


brucen - July 6

wait til next week when you will be able to smell everything in creation and it all makes u sick! I didnt have any symptoms early on except, I couldn't drink enough water. All I wanted was water, hopefully you will be as lucky as dashly and have no symptoms. Feeling like your gonna hurl all the time is a miserable existance.


Melissa - July 6

I'm around 5 weeks, also, and only have b___st soreness. No morning sickness yet, and happy about that!


AB - July 6

Be happy that you're not puking all the time.


Misty - July 16

I am 5 weeks too. The only symptom I have are sore b___bs. I have been having some pain or pressure in my lower tummy...is that normal? It doesn't last long, mostly just at work, b/c I am standing around for 9 hours a day. Otherwise feeling well.


KAZ - July 17

5 weeks also and b___bs are very sore. Slight nausea, extremely hungry and running to the toilet for what seems like very slight pees! These symptoms have only developed in the last few days so don't worry.


AS - July 19

I'm around 5 weeks, also, and only symptoms I have are that sometimes I have pain in my tummy. And I want to sleep all the time.


monsheri - July 19

I'm 5 weeks too and I think I have every symptom. Extreme nausea, really painful b___bs, can sleep a whole day if able, peeing every 20 minutes, and can't make up my mind as to if I'm hungry or going to hurl. Ugghhhh, the joys of pregnancy. Thank god it doesn't last forever.....


krystal - July 22

I am enjoying my pregnancy; the only symptoms I have are aching b___st and I am always tired but I am using the bathroom as I normally would, is that okay?


Melanie - July 23

I am 5 weeks preggie today as well, and have no symptoms apart from very sore b___bs and peeing all the time like most of the other girls. I am determined not to get sick - hope my stomach plays by these rules as well! Congrats to everyone - I am so excited, we fell first go on our honeymoon in Europe! YAY!


Grr - July 23

I hate all of you women out there that arent sick like me!!!! lol...Actually I am very happy that non of you are going through the horrible horrible joys that I am.


Melissa - July 23

Well, I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant as well!!! This is our third and we are sooo excited! I have very few symptoms. Just more hungry, going to the bathroom more and that's it. I have never had sore b___bs with any of my pregnancies, so far. I'm sure I will be getting more symptoms in the weeks to come. My husband thinks that I became pregnant because I have been answering questions on this forum for awhile now! But, of course he does know the real reason! Good Luck to you all!!


moriah - July 25

hello, just found out today that i am 5 weeks pregnant. I haven't had any symptoms at all!!! I have 3 other children and i always had the works when it came to them. has anyone out there ever been pregnant and had no symptoms at all?


Lindsay - July 28

I'm five weeks pregnant too. My symptoms are few, which is worrying me too. I have sore b___sts but im not sure if thats due to me prodding them all the time trying to find out if they are sore or just down to the hormones. I am also extremely bloated. Good luck with it all...


Cathy - July 29

I am also five weeks pregnant. I have slight pain in my lower abdomen. No sore b___sts, no running to the bathroom and no morning sickness - I was a little worried so I searched the net to see what other people were saying - I guess it's a wait and see game ...


Renee - July 31

Every pregnancy is different for each woman. With my first I had nuasua but no b___st tenderness. But with this pregnancy I have it all. Nuasua, tenderness, back pain, and cramps. Just enjoy it while you can because when the baby is born you wont get any sleep any more.



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