5wk No Heart Beat

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Brandi Anderson - March 15

I went to the doc last week and they said they did not see a sac, well this week they did but no heart beat!! I am really scared there is something wrong. Does any one know when you can see a heartbeat on a ultrasound - the ealiest?


Kelly K - March 15

Usually between 6 & 7 weeks. I'm going through the same thing. I went in at 5 weeks and all they could see is a sac. The doctor said it was too early to see anything. I go back next week for a follow up. Just keep yourself calm and wait for the next ultrasound. I'm sure everything will be fine.


D - March 15

Try not to worry... I know, impossible.., but at 5w4d I had my first u/s. All we saw was a fuzzy grey spot - and then only barely. My next u/s was at 7w3d, and we could see a much larger fuzzy spot, with a little heart beating like crazy in the middle. I have an appt this Friday, so I'm hopeful of seeing a little more shape than blob! Chances are, you are just fine!


Misty - March 15

You are fine. They can't see the babies heartbeat until 6-8 weeks, then they can hear it at about 10 weeks. Try to relax. : ) Everything is fine.


leslie - March 15

I went wen i was 7 weeks and they couldn't see a heartbeat, then I went yesterday again at 11 weeks and they could see its little feet and hands and head and a little heat beating like crazy!!!!! it was so cute!!!!!!!!


Misty - March 15

wow Leslie, you are very lucky. I had a m/c a while ago so I was on the forum for pregnancy loss, miscarriage. Most doctors if they can't see the heartbeat by 8 weeks ask the women if they want to have a D&C. A lot of women opt for this because they are heartbroken at the fact that their doctor is telling them that their baby is dead. It is a tough thing for them. Are you sure you were 11 weeks before they saw the heartbeat or before they heard it. If you were 11 weeks before they saw the heartbeat then would you consider going to the forum for pregnancy loss, miscarrige and telling those women that. It might save a lot of them from needless heartbreak.


leslie - March 15

Misty I don't understand what you are saying (sorry kind of slow here..and is my first pregnancy) what is a D&C? and my first appt was when I was 7 weeks they only told me that it was ok, but that there was no heart beat and that it was normal because it was too early, then I went yesterday..yesterday I turned 11 weeks..I had not been to the doctor since the 1st time...I don't know if I am explaining myself..? or maybe I am not really 11 weeks? now I am confused, shouldn't the doctors know exactly how many weeks I am?


Lindsey to Leslie - March 15

I think what Misty is trying to say that in the forum for pregnancy loss and Miscarriage, there are alot of women who go to the doctor at 5 weeks and they don't see a heartbeat and the doc tells them that the baby is dead. And the D & C is a surgery to remove the baby, or they also do a D & E which is quite similar. Misty means that you should tell the women in that forum about your experience and possible have them wait out the surgery to see if a heartbeat appears later in pregnancy. Like yours.


leslie - March 15

Lindsey, thank you for explaining it better for me! :) I did not know this...had no idea, all I know is what the doc tells me and of course what I read here wich has been very helpful as you can see. I guess I was lucky then..thank God they did not told me anything like that...I would had freaked out!



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