6 1 2w Amp No Appetite

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mlg8 - January 20

For about the past week I have felt so naseaus that even the thought of food repulses me. I have vomited but not very often (twice in the am). I have hardly eaten enough to keep a bird alove the last week. Dr didn't seem too concerned about it. But I am. I literally haven't eaten enough to keep me alive let alone a baby. For ex: Yesterday I ate a couple pieces of cheese, about 1/4c of chicken soup and 1/2 a roll. Today: about 1/2c buttered noodles, 1 piece buttered toast and about 1/4 rice w/ some cheese. The rest of the week has been VERY similar. Is this normal to feel like this...so sick that the HUGE lump in your throat won't even let food go down?


DownbutnotOUT - January 21

I had m/s through my entire 1st pregnancy it was worse the first tri I literally couldnt eat anything and to dirnk was just as bad. It goes away you have to do your best to eat soft foods, I recommend yougart it fills you up and doesnt upset your tummy too much. Also OJ lots of OJ


Deb - January 21

This is totally normal...don't worry. It will get better as the weeks go along. I was sick and had no appet_te for the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy and my baby turned out just fine! I even lost four pounds during my first trimester! Babies will take what they need from you. Try to drink some juice (to get a bit of fruit in your diet - I prefered apple) I ate mostly carbs (noodles, potatoes, rice) with a little protein from cheese and peanut b___ter. If you can tolerate it (many people can't but I could) try to eat some eggs. They are high in protein and omegas that are really good for you and the baby. Hang in there and eat whatever you can tolerate. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


MammaJL - January 21

First of all.. CONGRATS... secondly.. not quite sure of all the symptoms i had when i was preggo the last 2 times because i was REALLY young and didn't pay much attention i supose, i remeber having "morning sickness" (at all hours of the day) with my son and that i lost about 16lbs before i started gaining any weight..with my daughter i know i lost before i started gaining but not quite sure of how much it was.. i remember i was sick with her too but not as much. My son turned 10 on the 19th and my daughter will be 8 in july, they're both healthy and great kids...


mlg8 - January 21

Thanks guys for giving me some hope that this won't last forever. I always thought m/s was part of being p/g and that you just deal with it. I guess I was a little clueless and unrealistic to the fact that it could last all day, every day.


alee123 - January 21

i had the same problem with my first but recently i was reading on another board, for women who are having trouble with eating and keeping things in..you can drink slim fast drinks or carnation instant breakfast shakes..they are chalk full of vitamins and other good stuff so you know you will be able to stay healthy when you arent eating properly...



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