6 5 Week Ultrasound

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Steph - November 22

I went it yesterday for my first doctor's appointment and I had an ultrasound done. The doctor could see the fetal pole, fetus, and yolk sac but no heartbeat. He said that everyone and all babys are different, and that it's not a big deal to see the heartbeat as I'm not that far along. With my first daughter, I had my first u/s at 10 weeks and we could see and hear the heartbeat. Has this happened to anyone else? I am not seeing him again until December 19.


Amanda C. - November 22

That is exactly what happened to me. I have pictures of my ultrasound, if you would like to compare.


Steph - November 22

He did not give me pictures of my u/s, which I'm not quite sure why. He kept them in my file, otherwise I would like to compare. He said it was not a big deal and seemed that it was not an issue, so I suppose I should relax about it, but it's kind of hard to.


Amanda C. - November 22

You can also look at http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/ultrasounds/l/blusindex.htm This website heled me out alot


--- - November 22

i know a lady that this happened to. when she went for her check-up the baby didnt have a heartbeat and she lost it.


Amanda C. - November 22

--- That was not very nice.


Steph - November 22

Thanks Amanda, that website was pretty helpful. My 6.5 week looked alot like the 6 weeks, and it's amazing how fast they grow in a week...hope all goes well with your pregnancy!! And to -----, that was quite rude of you.


Kathy S - November 22

It is normal to not get a heartbeat at the stage. At my 6.5 week u/s it only showed a gestational sac, nothing apparent in it, and the sac only measured as though for 4 weeks. I went back just 8 days later...and there was a baby with a heartbeat and all measurements suggested a 6 week fetal age!!! Just in 8 days!!! I was amazed. ---- I might add, there was even a second baby noone saw during the first 2 u/s...didn't see it there until a 12 week ultrasound!!! :-) I am now 20 weeks with my twins. So relax and just wait for the later u/s's that really show us what's going on for real!! :-) All babies do start out differently and at different growth rates, but by your 20 week u/s they will have caught up to what their development should be. "God bless you and those you love"


libby - November 23

This same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy then just 4 days later everything was there and in order. Then the next year when I got pregnant with my second the same thing happened again and two weeks later the ultrasound showed there was nothing there. So I ques it just means it can go both ways but I wouldn't worry


Kim - November 23

Okay first: "---" you have absolutely no social skills. Secondly: 6.5 weeks is SO early, I would not gage anything on a 6.5 week ultrasound! go back in a week or two, you will be so amazed by the growth as some of these other women have said.


Steph - November 23

Kim, Libby, Kathy, and Amanda, thanks so much for your answers and experiences. It's been eight years since I was pregnant last and every little thing is freaking me out!! Again, I really appreicate your answers, I feel much better now!! :o)



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