6 Days After Start Of Period

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Marie - October 21

I am just curious to know if i could get pregnant on the 6th day of my period....my period are usually 7 days and my cycles are about 29-30 days long. i was ttc at one moment but i got very frustrated as i couldn't manage to get pregnant no matter what i did, so i just stopped ttc all together. but last night my husband and i had unprotected s_x and he "came" in me. could i get pregnant or is it not possible to get pregnant during your period? i've never had s_x during my period! thanks in advance.


Daile - October 22

It is possible to get pregnant during your period, but it is not as likely. If you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test.


Viv - October 22

Sperm can last as long as 5 days in your reproductive tract, though their efficacy declines over time. Ovulation is not quite as predictable as the 14 day generalization would have you believe. The combination of long-lived sperm and early ovulation could get you pregnant.


Mellissa - October 22

When you're teaching s_x-ed to a room full of teenage girls, you always have to get rid of the myth that a women can't get pregnant during your period. For some reason, most young girls believe this (which is very dangerous play for a 14-yr old!) It's true that it isn't the ideal time to try to concieve as the odds are better in the middle of your cycle but, that being said, it's still possible for women in general to become pregnant any day of her cycle because who really knows what their body is doing. You could ovulate earlier or later than you think or you predict by doing the math, despite how regular you think your cycle is. However, if you are TRYING to get pregnant, it is best to try to figure out the day that you ovulate and have s_x 5 days before it and 1-2 days after. They have cheap home tests for detecting your time of ovulation although monitoring your temperature for the entire month with just a thermometer will do the same. In other words: It's scientifically possible but your odds are better during ovulation (remember sperm can live inside you for as many as 5 days and even one burst of sperm do not all reach the egg at the same time, some take 45min and some take many hours. This improves their chance of reaching the egg.)



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