6 Days Late Help

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AmySmoak - February 11

I am now 6 days late and this morning I tested and got a BFN. The weird thing is, about 2 weeks ago I tested (1 week before my missed period) and I got a faint positive result. and now neg...I am so confused. I have all signs that tell me I am pregnant. Sore bbs (I have gone up a cup size in 2 weeks) very sore nipples that leak, nausea (thrown up twice), increase va___al discharge, very tired all the time, very emotional (I cry all the time for no reason), weird cravings, etc...what gives??? I just don't klnow what to do.....any advice or personal stories to share??


trixiebee - February 11

All you can really do it keep testing. (try Dollar Store tests to keep it cheap) It's possible you had impantation, and the test picked up on the HCG surge. Then it's possible the zygote didn't stick, I think they call that a "chemical pregnancy". What you do want to be careful of is these symptoms tricking you - and getting yourself all worked up. Go see your doc if they persist.


Miloswife01 - February 11

you can recieve false negative but not false positive. Maybe you had a bad test the last time or the test for some reason didnt pick up HCG levels I would say take another test and if that comes back negative then try t make an appt. and my personal opinion on Dollar store tests is not good I dont know for sure about pregnancy test but their ovulation test and pregnancy tests are the same brand so I say no. I bought 7 dollar store ovulation test I also bought a kit from walmart that were ANSWER brand ovulation tests just to make sure incase that the dollar store test didnt work I had a back up. so I did an expierment I tested at the same time with the dollar store tests and the ones from walmart. I never shower ovulating on the dollar store test but was ovulating for 3 days with the ANSWER brand. I would say use clear blue easy digital that is what I used when I found out i was pregnant with my DD and the one that I am pregnant with now and I tested the day before my missed period. hope this helps


AmySmoak - February 12

Thanks! I am going to test again in a few days! I went ahead and called the Dr....waiting for him to call me back!


kvilendrer - February 12

Not saying this happened to you, but I once got so stressed out about getting pregnant, that it actually delayed my period. I actually thought I was having symptoms and I was six days late, and couldn't accept that I wasn't pregnant. So I kept testing and it kept turning up bfn. Finally, when I stopped testing and worrying about it, af showed up.


AmySmoak - February 12

The Dr called earlier today and asked me to come in for a guant. blood test. Now I am in the wait for the results! Baby Dust to all!!!! Praying for the best!



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