6 Weeks And Counting

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Rachel - January 27

Beckins, yes I am in the US. I live in California. We like the names Abigail, Claire, and Maddilyn for girls and Ayden, Jacob, and Charlie for boys. May, that is so great that you already heard the heart beat. I have my first doctor appt set for 2/9. I am really looking forward to it :)


May - January 27

Hi Rachel, well I didn't hear the heartbeat, but saw it beating like a lightbulb on the screen, its so amazing to see a life beginning inside you.


Beckins - January 29

Lovely names Rachel. We like Ewan, Jonas and Noah for boys and Annie-May, Ruby and Lily-May for girls. Ive got my first scan on Mar 7th. Im so excited. I can wait to see my baby. I have no sickness yet...should i be worried?


Rachel - January 29

Beckins, I really like Noah. I'll have to mention that name to my hubby. I have my first Dr. appt on Feb 9th. Don't know if they are going to do an u/s or not, but I'm looking forward to going in at least. I haven't had any sickness either. If I don't eat in the morning I start to feel queesy, but since I eat bkfst every morning this hasn't been an issue. The main thing for me is that I am exhausted by the time I come home from work. I basically make dinner and collapse on the couch. I would say we are "the lucky ones" so far since we haven't been getting sick :)


Beckins - January 29

Rachel, Im the same...I eat as soon as I et up. Im often hungry but concious that I don't want to put on any unecessary weight. I get a little yucky at night as I start to get really tired. Im a teacher so I have to cope with 30 kids all day and then get in, cook the dinner and then collapse! I know exactly how you feel. I think Ive got a midwife appointment before my u/s to do a medical type thingy but Im yet to book that.


May - January 29

Hi Rachel and Beckins, well we haven't really thought of names yet, but if its a gal, I like the name Megan, if its a boy, Marc. Like the 2 of u, I've not had any adverse symptoms yet, juz my on and off sore b___bs, and I am always sleepy. Its a good thing I am not working, so I can afford to rest at home anytime. Rachel, they'll most probably do an U/S for u on your first appt, cos they have to see the bb and to do your EDD, yes, thru the U/S they can get a rough estimate of when your bb's due. They will also need to see the heartbeat, the size of the sac, and size of the fetus. U should be able to detect a heartbeat by now, cos I detected mine at 5.7 wks. Am due for a scan on Feb 4th, so excited!!! This will be my 8th week. Haven't really told anyone yet, except for our immediate families and my closest friends. I am now anxiously waiting to pa__s the first tri and to put on my first maternity clothing.


Rachel - January 30

Beckins, I can't imagine being a teacher during pregnancy. I would be absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. I feel lucky that I have a job in an office where I can pace myself and put my feet up. Good luck with that :) May, thanks for the info on the 1st doctor's appt. I am looking forward to that. I can't believe that you haven't told anyone yet. I wouldn't be able to hold it in for that long. However, I haven't told my work yet. I'll wait until 10 or 12 weeks for that. I am still in my sixth week so I have a bit of waiting to do. Funny story: My hubby and I went to look at baby furniture and stuff and there were so many women with BIG bellies that I wished I looked like that too :) My hubby and I joked that we have to cook it a little longer. Hope you both are doing well "cooking" your healthy and happy babies :)


May - January 31

Hi Rachel, dearie, u're not the only one feeling this way when u see women with big bellies, I too hope to have a big big belly soon!!! Ha ha, then I can splurge on maternity!!!! The feeling is sort of like wearing a wedding gown for the first time. Yes, I have been keeping it under wraps, haven't told my paternal granny and cousins. I'll wait till 3 months to announce.


Rachel - January 31

May, I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one with this silly thoughts :)


May - January 31

Rachel Dearie, I have some friends who are also preggie and simply crazy over our pregnancies. We love pink and I guess most of my maternity clothes will be in pink or pastels =)


Rachel - January 31

May, that is so cute. My best friend is PG with her second. She is only 5 weeks ahead of me. I guess it's contagious. Beckins, tomorrow we will be starting our 7th week :)


May - January 31

Rachel, I forgot to add, we are even supposed to go for photo sessions after my tummy has shown. My girlfriend is at 17 weeks, so I m now waiting for my turn to show!!


Beckins - February 1

Hiya Rachel and May, Sorry Ive not posted for a while. Ive been busy trying to sell my house. We're gonna move! So much exciting stuff going on at the mo! Feeling really well at the mo altough Im still really tired. Started to have cravings for scotch eggs. Urge for water has died down a little. Glad your both well tho. I can;t wait til Im a bit further on...I fel like ive said in my six/seventh week for ages. I told ppl at work cos i couldn't wait any longer-probably wasn't wise but hey! Im too excited!!!!!


Rachel - February 1

May, what type of photo sessions are you planning? Will it include your hubby? Or just you and your belly? That sounds like a neat idea. Beckins, good luck with the move. Make sure you leave the heavy lifting for the others to do. What is scotch eggs? I've never heard of that. I'll start a new thread that's called "7 weeks and counting"


Beckins - February 2

Rachel, scotch eggs are whole eggs wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs. They;'re lovley although I think Ive had too many of thme now!! Not a craving just a fancying!!! The house we were going to buy has fallen through....Im so gutted! Back to lookiung for one...its the wrong time of year to be buying...it'll be better in the summertime. Hope yiour all doing well...any more symptoms?



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