6 Weeks And Experiencing Slight Discharge

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Carolyn - February 4

I am currently in my 6th week and this morning I noticed a very small amount of light brownish discharge, kind of like at the end of my period...has anyone else experienced this? Im not crampy or anything else....but still scared.


Mrs o - February 4

I have had the same thing for 3-4 days now. It is usually just once a day though. I'm 13 weeks and was worried about the same thing. This is my third child, but I don't remember this with my other two. I don't know if it is b/c i'm older (36yrs.) or what. Let me know if you find out.


Carolyn - February 4

It seems to be gone now, and I have been frantically searching the net for answers. It seems it may be a somewhat common thing and is really only problematic if its very heavy and/or you experience cramps also? If anyone knows anything else can you please tell me? This is my first child so I am extra paranoid, and Im 32 which I dont think is bad but not as good as being in my 20's I would think....


amy b - February 4

I had the same thing happen at 7 weeks...i had an ultrasound and they said the baby is fine and it was so neat to get an early picture of my baby!


Carolyn - February 4

Thanks Amy, that makes me feel much better, how long did it last? I was just in the washroom and there is still a bit, but not enough to get on my underwear, just enough to see when I wipe.....


bec - February 5

i had this 2.im 5 weeks pregnant but i also get a small amount of pain.im ganna tell my doctor about it.its probly nothing to woory about but u should see your doctor to.


Cami - February 5

I too am 32 and 5 weeks pregnant with my first. I just started experiencing the same symptoms and am concerned. Good to hear there are others. My first appt. with my dr. is on Tuesday and I'm going to ask him about it. So, three days of waiting... Good luck to you!


Carolyn - February 6

Since I last wrote I have been bleeding. Still only detectable when I wipe, but like a light period. I was freaking and went to a clinic at my doctors on sat. The doctor there said 98% not to worry if there is no pain, it is "hormonal" bleeding. He did give me a req. for an ultra sound and a blood test to see the the preg. hormone is where it should be. Unfortunatly you can't get these things done on weekends.....


Mrs. White - February 6

I am 7 wks. and am having the light brown spotting the same and I'm curious as heck. Of course its the weekend my doctor said to come in tomorrow probably for an ultrasound. Has anyone gotten past this stage and are ok? I've had 2 miscarriages and I'm scared to death.



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