6 Weeks And Looking Like 5 Months

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Bellasmomma - February 9

Hi ladies, This is baby number 2 and I am only about 6 weeks....but this is so different than my first, with my first I didn't even show till i was over 5 months....now I am so incredibly bloated, and look 5 months already, hard when you are not trying to tell anyone:(.....am I can't believe how incredibly tired i am and hungry! all the time, I feel like I have gained 10 pounds already!...I am somewhat depressed about tosme of these things but I am hoping it will pass.......any advice? and did any of you feel this way this early on?


s_xicherypoptart - February 9

maybe its twins!


momma3tobe - February 9

I am expecting my third and I actually freaked out and went to the doctor b/c I got so big so soon... I was told that you show sooner with each pregnancy. If you are worried you should see the doctor to ease your mind.


momma3tobe - February 9

I forgot to mention... I was 6 wks when I went to the doc and I am now 13 wks and look smaller than I did then. Water weight and bloating during the first trimester might have alot to do with it.


kvilendrer - February 9

The same thing is happening to me also. This is also my second one and I definitely can't hide it, but I'm not trying to. I already told all of my family and friends. My appet_te is huge! I think I basically eat all day.


Diva647 - February 9

Don't stress it, I"m on #2 as well & Iwas like you w/my 1st, didn't show until 5 months but this time around I'm totally bloated & can't poop (so I wonder if some of that bloat is from not pooping) and I look big already too. You show sooner w/subsequent babies cuz your uterus muscles are looser so you pop sooner. It's ok, milk it girl, everybody loves to baby a pregnant woman & if you look preggers people will be nice 2U! LOL


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 9

this is my second pregnancy (first ended in a miscarriage) and I am 10 weeks but am bigger then my sister who is almost 25 weeks. This is her third and I have actually lost a ton of weight because of morning sickness and always throwing up anything I ate. and maybe you are having multiples but sometimes your body just grows more with every pregnancy. But if you end up with morning sickness, believe me you will lose that weight, I looked like a chunky pregnant at first, but now im a skinny pregnant...feels good


Prego#4 - February 9

I am also 6 weeks and look 5 months! Same symptoms, SOOOO tired, ga__sy, depressed starving! hang in there I am sure remember with your first the first trimester is the hardest!


moescrilla - February 10

ahhh!!! me too!!! I look like I could pa__s for four months. I dont want to look like that though, b/c if someone asks you how far along you are and you say 2 months...they're gonna just think you're fat!!! haha. I'm extremely tired and hungry all the time too!! Very bloated also. This was nothing like my first pregnancy. I didnt start showing till 3 months, but I first was recognized by a stranger as being pregnant at 4 months. I'm depressed about gaining too much weight too, because I've struggled with my weight for a couple of years. With my son, I didnt gain any weight. So I a__sumed it would be the same with this one. WRONG!! lol


Bellasmomma - February 11

Thanks Gals...I have been feeling slightly better the last couple of days, but I just realized I am not having "movements"like I normally do, I mean bowel...so that could be part of it, I am trying hard to drink plenty of fluids ...see if that helps....



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