6 Wks Pregnant With No Symptoms

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debbie80 - July 6

I am currently 6 wks pregnant and I do not have any symptoms at all...no nasuea or sore br___t...I hear that a lot of women are usually expereincing some symptoms...only thing I can say is that I am tired and get headaches from time to time...and thats it. Has anyone else expereinced this before and had a healthy pregnancy? Everyone tells me that I am lucky..but I feel scared...any help would be great!


sheryl - July 6

I am almost 6 weeks and I am not really having a lot of signs. I am tired and a bit crampy, but that's it. It makes me nervous, but some people say that it really gets bad around 7 weeks.


Joelle - July 6

It really gets bad around 8 weeks i got the stomach flu at 8 weeks and slept all the time but every girl is differnt and you cant really say anythin cuz every girl is differnt


Krissiem23 - July 6

I felt bad from the day after conception! But now I am 6 weeks, and the nausea and exhaustion and other stuff is weighing me down! I would be worried to, because I worry if I don't have them now! But don't, because some women just don't get it. Count yourself VERY lucky!


sahmof3 - July 6

I think this is normal. My first pregnancy was a m/c and I was only a little sick with it. When I got pregnant with DS I was actually hoping to be violently ill to prove to myself that this one was going to stick, but I hardly had any sickness at all! With my other DS same thing. The only one I was really sick with was DD (all nine months).


debbie80 - July 6

Thank you all so much for helping me out..I know once I go to the doctors and they confirm everything I will feel a whole lot better...


sfrias - July 7

Debbie, That's completely normal. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and so far I never had nausea, I have never vomited. I only feel a little bit tired from time to time (once a week) but that's it. Just drink a lot of water for your headache. My baby is fine and I just consider that you are lucky. Ah! there is some people that say that baby-boys give you less symptoms that baby-girls. I know that perhaps it is a myth, but... Whaterver! Good luck!


Steffer - July 9

I am 10 weeks and only had a bit of nausea and was tired a few weeks ago. I had a m/c in April and feel the same way you do. I almost want all the symptoms to help me feel better about all the worry of another m/c. I guess we are the lucky ones. :)


gina143 - July 10

debbie80- how did you know you were pregnant? with out symtoms?


debbie80 - July 11

Hi Gina! Well my husband and I have been ttc for 16 months and my doctor finally put me on Clomid, and what do you know..it worked the first time! I did have symptoms before I found out that I was pregnant...headaches, naseua and some changes with my milk glands...and the most obvious is that I didnt get my period...I just have no experienced really any of the major symptoms like puking or sore b___st...on Friday I did stay home from work because I was really dizziness and had a horriable headache..but over all I feel great! I went to my doctors yesterday and she said that some people just do not expereince all the major symptoms that everyone else does..every pregnancy is different..so I guess Im one of the lucky ones....I will be 7 wks on Thursday so Im not out of the clear at all...hope everyone else is doing well...


marylou - July 11

Congratulations on your pregnancy. With my first I remember feeling the exact same way. My doctor said to just enjoy this "boring" part of your pregnancy. My advice is to sleep and eat all you want right now because once that little angel comes out it's all about them!!! Good luck.



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