6weeks And Constantly Hungry Any Advise

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Ginger - March 23

I am 6 weeks and always feeling hungry. It's like i am looking for food every hour or so. It's extremely a drag at work. I try to feed myself with small meals but it doesn't seem to fill my stomach. Can anyone help ?? what can i take to ease this problem ?


pregnant - March 23



Heidi - March 23

Yep, just keep eating. If you eat a lot, try to add some fruits and veggies in there. I know how you feel. I have to keep snacks at my desk at work and I'm not a big breakfast person but I find that if I eat a decent breakfast, I'm not as hungry as often. I bring those little packs of oatmeal to work and add water in a coffee cup and eat that at my desk in the morning. That keeps my stomach full for a while. Snack on things that stick to your ribs. Carbs. Unfortunately I've gained a few lbs but that's to be expected and if I don't eat, I get sick.


Rachel* - March 23

I was the same way for several weeks early on. Your body is working really hard building a baby. Eat when you are hungry. I ended up bringing a bunch of healthy snacks to work and when I was feeling hungry (every hour or so) I would eat. The extreme hunger goes away in a couple of weeks or so and often gives way to morning sickness. Hang in there :)


BabyTiger - March 23

I'm also 6 weeks on the way and like you-- always hungry :).Go for fruits-- you can never eat enough of them :). I am lucky to have fruits provided for at work. All kinds. So, what I do is have a really satisfying breakfast (also provided for at work if I missed it at home--no time and all y'know) and on the way to my office pick up a bunch of grapes, an orange, a pear, an apple, a banana-- and a couple of ½ liter bottled water. This will cover my morning :). Same routine for lunch :). Fruits are the best to eat at this time--it's healthy both for you and the baby.


Ginger - March 24

Thanks for replying. Ya, i know there is no short cut and so what i can do is just eat and eat. With the nausea and vomitting, the time in the office can be a drag. I was told it will carry on till 14 weeks. God bless everyone !!!


Heidi - March 24

Try blending fruits and milk in a blender and make smoothies too. Those are full of vitamins and really hit the spot.



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