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kelsie08 - September 24

7 days late today! I have noticed for the past 2 weeks that a short while before my alarm goes off I have to get up and go pee. Which is sooo not normal. I never have had the urge to go pee sooooooo bad first thing in the morning and I am drinking normally so idk. Also I hoke up to my tummy feeling a bit nausous but it faded as i got up and was getting ready. Had some heartburn last night but it went away after I feel asleep. Still creamy/lotiony cm.. sooo well see. what do you ladies think?? How are yall today? p.s. I will be testing on wednesday ?


GimmeaBub - September 24

Hey Kelsie my AF is not due till next Wednesday so a week not even, but i been feeling vey tired, very nauseus, peeing all the time i feel like something is up, but i wont be putting my mone on it as we only been trying for 4 months so all i can say take it one day at a time, i was once 10 days late for Af got excited went to the dr and as said as i arrived there Af showed my best advice to you is go see your dr to do a blood test, and definatly do that urine test with your first pee. Best of luck hun!


LMD - September 24

sometimes stress can delay your period. If you are really worried, then I also suggest a blood test if you don't start soon.


shaynhair - September 24

Hi Kelsie I responded to one of your posts the other week I am 6 days late and started spotting a brownish discharge fri night I have all the symptoms I had with my son I am so aggravated All tests are neg and today the spotting is a bit red But still not enough to fill a pad I did go off Lexapro the end of Aug bc I knew we would be trying Someone told me Sat night that they had a friend who went off Effexor and didnt get a period for 2 months So I called my Dr office today and the nurse said that that could be a possibility I wish I would have known this b4 we tried cause this whole ordeal sucks and now I dont know when I will ovulate next and such I have never been late except for when I was pregnant with my son so..... Well I did get a blood test done today and will know the results tomorrow I dont think I am pg anymore just a messed up cycle or maybe a chemical pregnancy or something I will never believe another symptom ever!!! Well keep me posted :)


kelsie08 - September 25

IM sorry to hear that but keep you head up :) and mucho baby dust to yah :) .....and I havent been under any stress at all so I dont think it could be that. Im not worried about anything I am not really trying to concieve but we are just gonna take it and see what happens. If we dont get pg then maybe weel hold off for a year and then actually try but we want a child we just dont wanna stress out with temps tests and stuff like that. but thankyou ladies for responding. how are yunz doing?


shaynhair - September 25

Hey Just wanted to give an update Still waiting for my blood results but AF showed full force today I am actually relieved bc what was going on didnt seem normal The nurse said my coming off Lexapro could have definitely affected my cycle The only thing now is I dont know when to start counting for my next cycle....However I think that is Gods way of showing me that I cant choose the s_x of my baby (I was trying the Shettles method--hee hee) Guess we will will just have to have s_x every other day and see what happens :)



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