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Lina - January 12

Hi, Can anyone tell me what the doctors see on a 7 week ultrasound, and can you hear the heartbeat?


Tracy88 - January 12

You can see the sac, and if I remember correctly, I saw the flicker of the heartbeat at 6 weeks/5days.


whynotme - January 12

You can see a bean that is the baby and a yolk sac attached to the baby. You can also see the what they call the fetal pole which is so amazing because you can actually see life forming and blood and such flowing.


debbie80 - January 12

Hi Lina- I just had my 7 week ultrasound done lastnight and we saw the baby and the heart beat was at 150! I think it all depends on what type of technology your doctor uses-mine uses all high tec stuff so they were able to pick it up right away. Actually I saw my baby at 6 weeks with a heartbeat of 117... are you going for your 7th week ultrasound? Remember that everyone is different so dont freak out if you can not see the heartbeat or anything...


Lina - January 12

Thank you for all your answers, yes I am going for my 7 week ultrasound because I do not have any symptoms, and the dr said it would be good to see if the baby is progressing. I already had one miscarrigae 2 months ago. I did not even know, had to have a D and C. Now I am pregnant again with NO symptoms, so I am worried. Do you think I should be?


kristina1980 - January 12

Hi, I don't have much symptons either. I am just tired, and sore b___bs. I had US today, I thought I was 7.5 weeks, the doc said little more, and we saw fast heartbeat, the sac, little foot, little hand. My mom didn't have any symptoms with me at all.


debbie80 - January 13

Lina- I really do not have any major symptoms at all. My b___bs are not sore and I have had only one morning of sickness. I do get tired a lot and shortness of breath when I walk up and down the stairs but thats it. My friend is now 6 months pregnant and she didnt know she was until about 3 months or so! She had no symptoms or no nothing until she went in for a regular exam...my mom didnt really have any symptoms either so hopefully we are the lucky ones. Did you go for your ultrasound yet?


silencingtearsofhope - January 13

no symptoms doesn't necessarily mean somethings wrong I didn't get any major symptoms till I was almost 10 weeks.



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