7 Weeks And Counting

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Rachel - February 1

May, what type of photo sessions are you planning? Will it include your hubby? Or just you and your belly? That sounds like a neat idea. Beckins, good luck with the move. Make sure you leave the heavy lifting for the others to do. What is scotch eggs? I've never heard of that.


May - February 1

Heh Heh, those professional glamour shots, and no hubby involved, juz us gals with our bellies. It is a good idea to toy with and I think it will be loads of fun. Beckins, back here, the Chinese in Singapore are dead against moving or having any renovations at home when a family member is preggie, but I guess it all boils down to the individuals, we Chinese have loads of rules to adhere to. Juz make sure not to move any heavy items like what Rachel has mentioned. I am so excited, juz 2 more days and I go for another U/S to see my baby.


Rachel - February 1

May, please let us know all the details about your U/S. I have my first Dr. appt a week from tomorrow :)


Beckins - February 2

Rachel, scotch eggs are whole eggs wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs. They;'re lovley although I think Ive had too many of thme now!! Not a craving just a fancying!!! The house we were going to buy has fallen through....Im so gutted! Back to lookiung for one...its the wrong time of year to be buying...it'll be better in the summertime. Hope yiour all doing well...any more symptoms?


May - February 2

Sure will update u gals on the U/S. Hey I guess its only the 3 of us here in this thread?


Rachel - February 2

Beckins, sorry to hear that the house fell through. I'm sure you'll get an even better one! One symptom that I have had this week is horrible gas! Don't know what to do and it's making me go mad! LOL. I've been drinking plenty of water, hoping that would help. I think I've been eating too many fruits and veggies (especially broccoli). It's so darn stinky!!


Beckins - February 3

I have wind too! My husband leaves the room when I start!!! Its painful to keep it in tho! Still no morning sickness tho. My mum has terrible sickness and so did my sister (she was hopsitalized) - I half expect to have it but noting yet. Suppose I should enjoy it while it lasts!!! I have my fist m/wife appointment on 16th feb. Not much goes on buti can't wait! May, how did your U/S go? I can;t wait to see my baby!


Rachel - February 3

I am feeling a little better today. I'll have to see if the gas returns this afternoon. I am not going to eat anything that may add to it! I think I am feeling a little naucious. Not really bad, but enough to know it's there.


May - February 4

Hi Rachel and Beckins, I am juz back from the hospital. At 8.4 weeks, my bb measures 18mm. I can see a tiny bb profile. So cute.


May - February 4

If u have gas, avoid cabbages and onions... I had fried eggs with onions and I landed up so ga__sy I had to fart... oops sorry every now and then... after that I stopped eating onions.


Beckins - February 4

May, WOW! I can't wait to see my baby! Im counting down the days til my scan. Ive been eating like a horse...veggies too...(I dint eat many before) Those give me gas!! I love onions so Ill have too keep an eye on them. Rachel, we're nearly in our eigth week. Thats so exciting...The weeks are rolling on now!


test - February 4



Rachel - February 4

That was me who posted "test". I have been trying to post all day (from work) and haven't been able to. Now I'm at home and it works fine. Anyway, May, that is great! My firtst dr. appt is next Wed. 2/9. I am really looking forward to it. I've been having lots of cravings. Something different every day. Usually it is something salty though. Today it was grilled cheese for lunch and tonight it was black olive spread on crackers. Dinner will be pizza. I feel badly that I am not eating to many veggies, but I have to give my digestive track (and my nose) a break. I have been eating fruits still. I think I'll have some OJ right now. Beckins, I can't wait until we are through this first trimester! That will be great!!!


Beckins - February 5

Morning sickness has arrived!!!! I felt so ill this morning! I was hanging over the toilet. I made myself have jam on toast adn felt a little better. I think with me I can't let myself get an empty stomach. Little and often is now my motto!!! I can't wait til this is all over...looking forward to blooming and enjoying the whole experience. I still have bad gas...its the veggies that do it! Not craving anything at the mo....no more scotch eggs tho...yuk!


Rachel - February 5

Beckins, sorry to hear you're feeling so ill. I haven't been feel to hot myself. Queesy all day today. I totally agree with you that we can't let ourselves have an empty stomach. I heard that it might help to have some crackers by your bed and to snack on them as soon as you wake in the a.m. Maybe that will help ward of "the sickness". I haven't had any cravings today either. Not even wanting dinner, but I have to eat soon. Take care :)


Beckins - February 6

Rachel, I didnt fancy dinner either but after I made myself eat it I felt better. I have to eat breakfast as soon as I get up otherwise I feel awful. Ive been eating dry biscuits-haven't got any crackers as yet. Will get them when I go shopping. Eating too much has found to be a problem too. I had pizza last night and ate too much and then felt ill. Its now about workin out when, what and how much food to eat. We've decided about moving...we're moving into a brand new house...not built yet. It will be finished after the baby is born so i can decorate the room accordingly!! Quite exciting!!! Have come to a more firm decision on names...Ewan Michael if its a boy and Lydia May if its a girl. What do you think? Hope you're ok tho. Gonna start our 8th week this week!!!! How time flies.


May - February 6

Hi Rachel & Beckins I think I m the few lucky ones to escape morning sickness, but I do feel queasy at times, and Rachel I sometimes go off dinner, but I eat small frequent meals, sometimes I don't have any appet_te at all, but still gotta eat some things to feed my little one... ha ha... I now crave for chicken nuggets and meat, I used to love veggies, but now I skip them... I know I've been bad, but I make it up by eating lotsa fruits, especially oranges. Beckins, things that u usually like, u will slowly dislike or stay off, like all I feel like eating are mashed potatoes, french fries, bread.



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