7 Weeks Pregnant But Measuring 6 Weeks

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dee - December 10

I am pregnant through IVF so i know when i conceived. I should be 7 weeks pregnant. I had first u/s this morning and they said the baby measures at 6weeks. They found the hearbeat which was 115 bpm and everything else thats supposed to be there. I am worried that there is something wrong? has anyone had a full term pregnancy where this has happened?


stillmourning - December 10

Not all babies grow at exactly the same rate. You might just have a slow grower. Try not to worry too much, stress doesn't help. =) Good luck, I hope everything turns out well for you.


dee - December 10

i can't help but stress. i dont feel my uterus stretching at all anymore. i guess the only good thing is that the heart beat was ok. i hope it catches up. i made a doctors appointment for tomorrow anyway


mjvdec01 - December 10

Just because you don't feel the streching doesn't mean that it isn't happening. You just need to concentrate on staying healthy and doing everything you can to give that little baby the best. I am sure everything will be absolutely fine. Like you were already told, all babies grow at different rates. I am sure everything is fine. :o}


DownbutnotOUT - December 11

I wouldnt worry too much as my last baby was 3 days behind and had a heartbeat that was 121 but than dropped to 117, which is normal. I have a very happy and healthy 6 month old boy now. Congrads, good luck to you and remember stressing doesnt help you or the baby I know thats easier said than done but try to do stuff to distract yourself if only for a few hours :)


dee - December 12

thanks ladies. I am not stressed anymore. Had alot of positive feedback. There are 5 of us pregnant in the family now, all due within a week or two of eachother. Isnt that crazy?


dee - December 27

i had my second u/s yesterday. baby lost heartbeat at 7w1d. I am devastated. waiting for miscarriage or D&C.It died 2 weeks ago.I just want it out of me.


intuition11 - December 28

Dee, I am so sorry. I wanted top cry for you just reading your post. I don't know what else to say. I doubt there is much I can say that would be of much help now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that better things come for you.


mjvdec01 - December 28

Dee, I don't know what else to say other than I am so sorry honey. I can understand why you feel that way. Surround yourself with family and let them help you get through this. I wish there was something I could do or say to make things better. I will be thinking about you. When you are ready to talk we will be here for you. Take care.


krissy2006 - December 28

Dee, honey, I am so sorry for your loss. Honestly there are no words, no sentiments and no kind wishes or condolences that will make you feel better. I too lost my little one at approx 6 weeks and some odd days, only I didn't find out till I was nearly (or what I thought) 11 weeks... Just know people are hear for you to vent to, to cry with even if it isn't a physical human being. Sometimes it feels better to be somewhat removed and able to talk to strangers who have been through the exact same thing and truly understand your pain. Remember that the little one you lost will always be your baby and that you will just have an extra set of angel wings taking care of you from a better place. (((hugs))) From one earth mommy to another... I hope you can find some peace in either your family or church (if you go) or wherever you can. Remember, we're here for you!


heatherjene - December 28

Dee - I think we all wish there was something we could do to make you feel better. I know that alot of girls here have been exactly were you are right now, and talking to them might make you find some peace with this. Please stay and talk with us if you want, and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Tonigirl - December 29

Oh Dee! I'm sooooo very sorry! I know that doesn't make anything better though. I too lost my baby at about 6 or 7 weeks this summer and I know how much your heart ;must be aching. It took me some time before I wanted to talk to anyone, but when you are ready to talk we are here for you honey. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.


DownbutnotOUT - January 2

Dee I am so sorry to hear that :( I experienced a loss myself and its truly horrible and I wish you nothing but the best. I had a missed miscarriage I was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day but baby pa__sed at 6 weeks 6 days it was a nightmare. If you ever need to talk let me know. i wil pray for you sweety


dee - January 8

thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. Well the worst is over. I had a natural miscarriage on january 3rd. Contractions lasted 24 hours before the baby came out. The pain was really bad. I am still bleeding, not as much as i expected though. The OB said he didnt need to see me, i justed needed to go to a doctor to get my HCG levels checked. I have to wait for a normal period before doing IVF again. Lucky I have 3 frozen embryos. I think i need a month off to recover from this experience. Its so hard. I just feel empty inside and nothing or anyone can help me.I feel like i have bouts of depression. I minute i am ok the next i am down. My husband is really supportive. Dont know how long he can stand these mood swings though. I just want to latch onto him and never let him go. I hate being alone now- I use to love it. I hope i get AF in 4 weeks and i can start again. Thanks for all the support.



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