81 Days Without My Pd

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vistagirl81 - February 27

i would like to know if anyone got a negative urine test and still ended up prego.... i took a preg urine test a mo ago.?? thank you for responding....And is it possible to Ovulate when u aren't having ur Pd???


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

Are you irregular?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

If you are, the reason you don't get your period is because you actually aren't ovulating...if you are regular and late, you may want to talk to a doctor as soon as you can...by now you would have enough HCG in your urine to get a positive result...sometimes having a UTI can delay your period and also a yeast infection can too...so I would talk to a doctor if you are regular...if not, and you are irregular it is because you aren't ovulating and in most cases it is best to get on BC to get your cycles normal...if you are TTC then talk with a doctor and they can explain how ovulation works and I believe they have something to help get you to ovulate.


SaraH - February 27

I've heard some women mention on here that they were a few months pregnant before their hormone levels reached a pt where a test picked it up. However, this is really uncommon. Normally in a pregnancy the HCG (hormone) doubles every couple days and should be detectable on a hpt with in a couple weeks after conception occurred. Only in rare circ_mstances dose this hormone not double/rise properly. As Nerdy said about the ovulation question, if you aren't pregnant and aren't getting your period then that indicates that you are not ovulating. If you ovulate and do not conceive you will get a period. Also as she said stress or sickness can cause you not to ovulate (just our bodies way of saying right now is not a good time to handle a pregnancy). However, once the stress/sickness goes away you should ovulate if that is what is causing the delay (and after 81 days I would a__sume that sickness is probably not the reason). I'd call and schedule an appointment w/ your doc. They can do a blood test to see what your HCG level is (I believe, if I remember right, that if it's under 5 mIU then you aren't considered pregnant, if above then you are). The doc could also do an exam and everything to determine for sure that you are not pregnant. If you aren't (which is probably the case) then the doc should be able to help you determine why you haven't ovulated or had a period for so long. Often a simple hormone imbalance can do this and they can easily give you something to start ovulation again. Good luck.


vistagirl81 - February 28

i have a cycle of 28-30 days...when i was late 3 weeks, i do not have a yeast infection or a UTI, i have a small cyst ( i have had them before and i have still had my cycles)for my dr. it takes more than a mo to get a apt.. i have one on march 19th, made it feb 15:p i am having pain in my pelvic area.. always.....and it is driving me crazy...... 2 mo ago when the dr said i was not preg. i said alright what can you do to get my Pd started, and the only thig he could think of was clomid... and that makes you ovulate:P i took a 5 day supply from the 16th-20th.....and you can still have ur pd and not ovulate.. so i was wondering if u can still ovulate and not have ur pd:Pthanx for the responses:P



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