8 Weeks And Counting

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Rachel - February 8

How are you feeling in your eighth week? I just started mine today and I have felt quite miserable. Exhausted and nausea all day. Sinuses are acting up too.


May - February 9

Hi Rachel, ooo u started an 8th week thread... I'm into my 9th week already, still feeling ok, no morning sickness and no puking... Doc says I'm the few lucky ones, except that I pee pretty often and get sleepy every now and then. Thank God I'm a full time housewife, so I have my own time to rest and work.


Leahp - February 9

OH!! I'm in my eigth week and same thing, exhausted and nausea!!! I already started crying to my husband yesterday how I just want it to go away!! I feel like I have the flu everyday!! I can't stand it, and nothing works!!


Lindsey - February 9

For Nausea: try peppermint tea. I've heard that it works very well for pregnant women. And, it's also safe for baby as well. I believe you can get this at your local grocery store, but I may be wrong. Anything minty will help calm your stomach a bit. Hope this info helps!


Rachel - February 9

I envy you May. Lindsey, thanks for the suggestion. I will try that. I just got back from my first doctor's appt and it was pretty uneventful. I didn't have an ultrasound beacause he doesn't believe in performing them before week 20 unless there seems to be a problem. Bummer!! Oh well. I am feeling a bit better compaired to yesterday--thank God!


May - February 10

Rachel, I can't believe your doctor said that!!! In Singapore, it is extremely important for the Doc to see how healthy the baby is growing, especially in the early stages, they would like to monitor heart rate and baby growth...U might wanna seek a second opinion... I mean at least he should let u see the growing fetus in your tummy.... If my doc refused to do an ultrasound for me, I will not hesitate to change... week 20 is a long time...


Beckins - February 10

Oh my word Rachel...no u/s? I agree with May, I would get a 2nd opinion. Demand one. In th UK evryone has to have a 12 wks and 20wks scan with regular m/wife apps in the middle. Let me know what you're gonna do. Well I was feeling really naseous and then I got a sickness bug an coudn't keep water down...thats why Ive not posted for a while. Feeling much better today...but now have awful toothache. Been to dentist...did a filling...but it has worsened the pain. I may go back tomorrow. Ive found that I need to keep eating so I dont feel sick...gets a bit weary tho....I hate ahving that full feeling all the time. Finding work and pregnanct hard at times...Im constantly exhausted. I guess its one of those things I have to cope with until it pa__ses. Hope you're all surviving tho.


Leahp - February 10

Hi ladies, I'm at my eigth week and have been fretting because I was really hoping for a u/s but they're only doing a fetal HR at 12 weeks or would that be considered a scan?? and then my first u/s at 20 weeks, but they're not doing my blood work and urinalysis until my 12th week appt. either, does this seem normal, I was a little upset with first appt. when they only did a pap and pelvic exam! Is this all normal??


May - February 10

Hi Beckins, a friend of mine who is 10 weeks preggie has the same prob as u, not being able to hold water down, so she has been having jucie all these times... maybe u could give it a try, its not wise to be dehydrated. As for dental appointments, try to keep it till the second trimester as adviced in some of the info I've read on the net... yes I guess balancing work and pregnancy is pretty difficult, I am the few lucky ones to be able to stay home. Beckins, u gotta continue with your small frequent meals in order not to feel nauseas... try ginger snaps, read that ginger can help alleviate morning sickness. Leaph, I go for urine tests in all my visits, I guess they wanna track the glucose level and make sure u r not on the highway to diabetes. I guess its normal for blood work to be done on week 12, I guess this is to take your full bloodcount, testing for downs,HIV, Hep B and Thala__semia... I am getting my blood work done on week 14. Fetal HR here is done on every visit, which is abt 4-5 weeks apart. Once u r pregnant, the docs would like to have a scan to see the sac and the embryo and to ensure that there's a heartbeat. I haven't had a pap or pelvic exam though..


May - February 11

I juz had a chicken mayo sandwich from DeliFrance, can anyone tell me if its safe to consume, some say its ok, so far I've ate it twice.... now I am a little worried.


Rachel* - February 11

I am changing my name to Rachel* because there is another Rachel who is posting. I don't want there to be any confusion. Anyways, I'm not too concerned about what my doctor said about waiting until week 20 for the u/s because I have talked to some friends/family and they think it is fine. Also, on this website under "Stages of Pregnancy" I read about the 8th week and it did not mention the need for u/s. Just blood and urine and a physical exam. At week 20 it does list u/s as part of the check-up as "optional". So I think I'm okay. They are going to check the heart rate next visit (12 weeks). Beckins, sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you are feeling better. I just went to the dentist this week and I have a cavity too. I think I will wait until the second trimester to have it filled though. May, about your DeliFrance sandwich, I don't know what is in it, but if it's maily chicken and mayo on bread I don't think there is anything wrong with that.


nahcol - February 11

Hey everyone! I just turned 9 weeks today. Last night I could hardly get any sleep. I felt alot of fluttering. I layed on my left side and felt a small pressure, when I gently poked my side it seemed to float away, then come back. This will be my second child. It definately doesnt feel like gas. If its the baby, why might it be so active at night?


Beckins - February 12

Well I did go to the dentist and have my tooth removed...It heaven not having any pain. Id not heard about not going to the dentist til 2nd tri and dentist said it was fine...It was free too coz Im preggie!!! Feeling loads better tho. Rachel*, sorry I thought you meant an u/s at 12 wks not 8. No, we dont have them that early. The only reason we have them at 12 wks is to confirm dates and check development to rule out spina bifida and downs. We do get a photo too. At 8 wks we get a health check and loads of paperwork to fill out! I met a friend last night who is due in 6wks. Her bump was so lovely...I cant wait to have a bump!!! She could tell me where the elbow, knee, foot, hand, and head all were. I was so excited for her and yet so desperate to feel it myself. I just wanna get to 12 wks and then at least if feels like summit is gonna start soon. Nahcol, your baby is probably so active at night coz you are still. I heard that they do that coz when you're moving that their security that you're actually there. When you stop they can't hear you or feel you moving so they begin to kick and become active. Quite cute really!!! Nice to feel it that early too. May, as long as whatever is in the snadwich is fully cooked and pasturised then you have no worries. Bought mayo tends to be ok...its homemade that you'd need to be worried about but most shops have to sell pasturised mayo. It'll be fine chick!!!


Nahcol - February 12

Beckins, Thats for the info, Im glad that Im not going crazy over here( HA! HA!)


Nahcol - February 12

Sorry, I meant thanks!


May - February 13

Hi everyone!!! into my 10th week!!! but having lotsa wind in my tummy, feeling abit uncomfortable... Beckins, glad u r feeling better. I can't wait for my bump to show too!!! Can't wait for wear my first maternity!!!


Beckins - February 14

May, that would be so nice to be wearing maternity clothes. My sister has given me loads of her clothe that she wore when she was pregnant. They look huge but Im sure as I go on I will fit into them. Still feeling yucky...I don't know what to do when I feel like that. I feel like I should eat but I don't feel like anything. Then anything I do eat it makes me feel worse. I wish I craved summit so that I could eat that and feel better.



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