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kmv511 - June 11

Is it normal to go through cramping 8 weeks into a pregnancy? I've been experiencing some sharp cramps lately, and I'm not sure if I could possibly be miscarrying (which i hope is not the case) or if it could just be my uterus stretching to grow with the baby. Went to the doctor yesterday and all seemed well, baby's HR was normal and it's just a little peanut but i fell in love with it just the same. I mentioned the cramps and the doctor didn't really have much to say about it so I'm not worrying yet. What do you think?


DownbutnotOUT - June 12

I had really bad cramping with all my pregnancies and 1 ended up in a missed miscarriage. 8 weeks is around the time things start to stretch and grow so I would just watch your body for any signs of spotting. If the cramps are getting more painful and frequent it could be a sign of a real problem, I would recommend an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. Only if the cramps continue.


ashley_19 - August 20

I am 8 weeks.. and i experience cramping a lot!! but I'm not too worried. Everyone i have talked to have told me that my uterus is just stretching.. which i hope is the case.. any advice for me?


kimberly - August 21

Ashley, cramping is normal during early pregnancy and around 8 weeks or so is when things begin to stretch. If the cramping is severe or even constant and especially if you are bleeding or spotting, it can be a sign something is wrong. Just mention it to your Dr.


ashley_19 - August 21

thanks Kimberly. The cramps really aren't that bad.. i have not experienced bleeding or spotting yet. and i hope i don't. They are constant either. they happen just every now and then through out the day.. but it's been happening just about everyday. I have a Dr. appt. on September 3rd. It's my 1st prenatal visit.. I'm scared to death!! This is my 1st child and i don't know what is going to happen!! Can you tell me?


kimberly - August 21

At your first appointment they will ask you lots of questions about family history and you. Then they do a urine test and usually draw blood. They also do a internal exam, some Dr's. will do a v____al ultrasound the first visit but not all Dr.'s do. Thats pretty much it. The rest of your appontments will be quick and they don't draw blood again until like 28 weeks for gestational diabetes. This appointment is a good time for you to ask questions about any concerns you have.



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