8 Yrs On Bcp And Now Ttc Others Info

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baby dreams - October 11

I've been on BCP for 8 years steady and have just taken my last pill on Sunday. I was just wondering if anyone can offer advice on how being on the pill for such a long time effected their chances of TTC?


Beth S - October 11

well some people dont get affected at all and get preggers right away while people like me who had been on the pill for 6 years took me 1 1/2 years to finally get preggo.


Lisa - October 11

I was on the pill for 11 long years! It took about 6 months for my periods to become normal again; then I got pregnant about 7-8 months after that. It all depends on your body; the pill and how long you were on it I think.


rach - October 11

I went off the pill in June after 16 yrs on. Each month my period starts on a day later which means I ovulate on different days each month. I've been told that you need to be off the pill for 3-6 months before TTC so that your cycles regulate. Good luck...I'm right there with you.


ca__sandra c. - October 11

i was on the birth control pill since I was 13 (i always had really bad cramps and it helped control them) I took the pill for 8 years exactly and it took me 3 months to conceive :)


chrissyj - October 12

Everyone is different!Some people get preg right away,good luck!


baby dreams - October 12

Thanks for all your support & encouragement... although now I have to go to the dr's on Monday as she got my blood tests back and wants to "talk".. I'm crossing my fingers that it's just a vaccination that I need!


Dustie - October 14

I was on the pill about 12 years. We got pregnant 6 months after stopping them.


kellie - October 14

My best friend was on the pill 10 years and got pregnant the first month she stopped taking them.


baby dreams - October 15

Thanks... I think that I will be fine, considering that one month about 8 months ago I didn't take the pill (I had forgotten the first day, so I didn't take them that month) and I remember having cm. Since I've been on the pill for so long at that point I didn't even realize what all the ewcm was! silly me. anyways, thanks for answering!



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