9 Month Pregnancy Myth

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kari15 - April 24

hi everyone! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and was really excited because i thought i only had 10 more weeks to go (9 months times 4 weeks in a month = 36) however i just learned that due dates are at 40 weeks....so i feel jipped because i also learned that pregnancy is a 9 month process when in reality it's a 10 month one.....i just wanna see my baby girl!!!! anyone else bummed about this and sick of being pregnant?


Jenn - April 24

fyi-not all months have 4 weeks-some have more days-some have less-yes the math shows that 40 divided by four is 10 months. a due date is based on a 28 day cycle-therefore it is 9 months. Just depends on how you count it. I just go by weeks.


Alycia - April 24

As Jenn said, it really is 9 months. As a matter of fact, the time between your conception date and due date is actually 7 days shy of the nine-month mark (the extra 2 weeks are before you get pregnant). For example, I got pregnant on August 15 and my due date is May 8 - slightly less than 9 months. Sorry you were expecting to go earlier, though! That's rough...


HannahBaby - April 24

um, not really i knew that pregnancy was 40 weeks....thats how the drs calculate...so if you are 26, then you have 14 left to go


venus_in_scorpio - April 24

i see what youre saying. im confused about the whole thing why wouldnt they just count from the middle of your cycle. i think im 10 weeks. but i could be 8 or 12 technically?? eek. I cant wait for sushi and martinis and hot baths!!! :oD good luck


smskam - April 24

like alycia said .....pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. So technically in a 28 days ,cycle they say u concieve on day 14 which is about 2 weeks after ur first day of m/c. They start counting pregnancy even before u concieve and hence the difference. Ofcourse not all of us have the 28 days cycle and not all of us concieve on day 14 but that is how it goes.. in a way it is 10 months :-) but many give birth earlier than the due date. So relax.. a couple days here and there how much difference can that really make. Take it easy :-)



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