9 Weeks And Worried

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2be - April 1

i have just discovered i am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. i did not find out erarlier as i have very irregular periods anyway and the last one was light, which happens often. i am concerned as i have been drinking moderate amounts of wine, and smoking all this time. obviously i have stopped right away, but i am worried i may have done some damage. please help!


JM - April 1

I did the same thing with both of my boys not knowing i was preg and everything was fine. as long as you stop now you should be fine.


lou (or not 2be) - April 1

better late than never :)


2be - April 4

thanks for your rea__surance..its hard not to feel guilty and panic!


levi - April 4

Hi 2be, 2 days before i found out i was pregnant i took my 4 girls to lightwater valley theme park and i went on every roller coaster and every ride that went upside down, try not to worry your'e baby will be fine. How did you manage to pack in smoking straight away, i have tried and tried, i feel really guilty because i am now 26 weeks pregnant and still smoking.


2be - April 4

its quite amazing..i never thought i'd be able to..though it hasn't been long yet! the night i found out i had a couple as i was panicky and shocked, but the next morning i could smell stale smoke and it made me feel really sick. since then ive been really put of by it and have managed to withhold! my boyfriend and flatmates smoking near me is irritating, but not because it makes me crave- because it makes me want to retch! he he...i guess im lucky.


to levi - April 4

Please try to find a way to stop. You have been blessed with 4 children with another on the way and you haven't been able to stop smoking yet? I'm sure you feel guilty because you are harming your unborn child. Most would think that by the 5th child, you could break such a disgusting habit. That's really sad.


Foxy - April 4

I drank like a fish over Christmas and New Year, and worried like crazy when I found out I was pregnant in January. My doctor said not to worry and my baby should be fine. I also gave up as soon as I found out.


sm - April 10

dear 2be, try to let go of that anxiety! stopping now is a great move and should be commended. i am a midwife. we rarely find problems (RARELY!) in cases like yours--and there are many--where women simply don't find out until they've been pregnant for a little while. good care and health now will help you grow a healthy little one. levi, i know a couple of comments here were harshly worded, but you are right--you HAVE been lucky! blessings to you with this current pregnancy, and i am glad your girls fared well, but please try to stop, and trust your ability to succeed! it is VERY hard, but i believe in you as a mom and know you can overcome and ensure the health of the one you carry now. good luck! sam


Ollie - April 11

To Levi - Iam 12 wks pregnant and also smoking and yes feel as guilty as hell. It's easy to say you'll stop but it's hard. I havent drank since i found out i was pregnant by the smoking is something else. I am wishing I wake up one of these morning and say enough is enough and go through with it. Good luck to all you smokers out there that are finding it hard.


to 2be - April 11

you did the right thing by stopping. I am sure everything will be fine. tell your dr. when you go in just to be sure, but I think you'll be fine. Congratulations, by the way.



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