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A - April 19

Ok....so my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x the day before my period( he came inside of me), I got my period the next day as planned but it was very different, it was lighter, different color and didnt last as long. we also had unprotected s_x twice while on my period (he came in me those times too) well I thought i was off of my period and we had unprotected s_x again(he came inside of me) but afterwards there was a little bit of brownish blood and also the next day after that there was some color on the toilet paper....today (the day after s_x) i feel sick to my stomach and i am having cramps....but not period cramps.......i took a test but it was negative....is there a possibility i could be pregnant? If so we would be happy! but if not then ok.


To A - April 19

Well to me it seems like you both are rying to have a baby and if so letting him c_m all in you is the best way


A - April 19

well yeah, but since i was on my period, is it possible? I've heard i can and cannot get pregnant on my period.


my name - April 19

I must say, i agree with To A ! Hee hee, sorry , nothing else to add!


A - April 19

Well we werent trying, just caught up in the moment and decided to let him c_m inside of me, but if it happens it wouldnt be a bad thing. I just want to know what the chances are since it happend right before and on my period.


Have to ask - April 19

Are you the Ashley that posted this almost identical thread a while back? If so nothing changed since then. If not then yes it is possible but it is unlikely.


A - April 19

nope, My name isnt Ashley


toes - April 19

sounds to me like you were caught up in quite a few moments, lol


ralph - April 19

I think I heard this thread about 10 times.


Wibble - April 19

There is never a safe time to have unprotected s_x. So, although the chances of you getting pregnant during your period are significantly less than they would be mid-cycle, there is still a chance.



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