Some Hope For All Of You Ttc

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faith - June 3

hey ladies. I am 27 years old. I have been married for 3 years. My hubby and I ttc for 8 months. then we kind of chilled out and let nature take its course. I became pregnant our 9th month!!! I am now 7 months along. I just want this fact to get out to all of you ttc.... **The avarage 25 year old couple takes 6 months of ttc before they become pregnant. So just let it flow. I was all into getting pregnant and when I just relaxed I did! So there is hope! you'll be fine. babydust to all of you


Wendy - June 3

Congratulations!!! Thanks for the encouragement and baby dust!!!


NINI - June 3



huh? - June 3

Big deal!!!! Im 42, married for 8 years ttc for 7. Prego for 3 months now. Youre TWENTY SEVEN for chrissakes what the heck is your problem and what is the fuss about your ttc??????


P - June 3

Well somebodies hormones are in hyperdrive...


Audrea - June 3

Gee, that was uncalled for. She was just trying to give some encouragement and I thought it was really sweet of her. I think the person behind 'huh' read into this posting wrong. It's too bad it took her 7 years, but at least you can rejoice now that you are pregnant. Just lay off and be thankful and don't take your feelings out on someone who does not deserve it. To 'faith' congragulations and thanks for putting the encouragement out there to those who are ttc.


huh again?? - June 4

Shes 27!!! REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY OLD--big deal!!! If youre 26 now quick get knocked up because when you turn 27 youre ALMOST doomed and you need baby dust!!!!!! Im 42 and I still had hope. Poor little young girl who have healthy eggs but took 9 months to conceive. Very impressive and we should report this to research. For those over 27.........feel sorry for ya.


Wendy - June 4

What the heck is your problem??? Look, I'm sorry it took you a long time to conceive, it took my parents 12 years to conceive me, I'm an only child, cause they weren't able to have any more, "un-known infertility problems". She's happy and excited, and I'm excited for her as well. I'm ttc # 2 and oh I'm sure you'll love this, I'm 22 years old (almost 23). Anywho, leave Nini alone, and try to rest more, stress isn't good for pregnancy.


To Huh: - June 4

See what OLD AGE and pregnancy can do to a woman??? Irrational bitterness has no business on this forum. We prefer the kinder gentler type.


to 'To huh' - June 4

Kinder gentler type as in 25 and below? haha you must be kidding me. I'm 23 and I can actually see what 'huh' was just trying to say hehe. I wonder what faith would feel and think when she reaches thirty???


Hillary - June 4

faith, congratulations and thanks for the encouragement I am 28 and been trying for two years. and to "huh" how do you know their eggs are healthy. I have health problems that make it difficult. Your just being plain rude and i feel sorry for your husband. Like it's other peoples fault you started trying at 35.


huh - June 4

Hillary listen up...did you fail reading comprehension in high school? I didn't say that throughout my life I only started at 35! With my husband, yes! About Faith, she DID quote a fact about how much the chances are for 25 year-olds and thereabouts to conceive. 25 years old!!!! She's 27 now so it must have been HARD! That's what I was trying to say Big Deal! I'm 42, I should be writing this thread. It's a joke by itself!My husband's happy, thank you. Yours must be...scratching his head wondering if you even would understand the storybook when you read to your (future) child(ren).


Wendy - June 5

My prior message (as I'm sure it's known) was to "huh". And the excitment I feel was also to Faith as well as Nini.


jane - June 5

to huh???? you are one inconsiderate person


Mary - June 5

Actually I have something to say - Faith's post can be discouraging and not encouraging because I am not sure where she got the info about taking an average of 6 months for a 25 yr old to conceive. The statistics are the same for all women under 35 and they are as follows: 90% of women (couples) under 35 will conceive within an average of 12 months (1 year). So for someone who is say 23 who is trying to conceive for a year may get very sad to know that she is not preggo yet based on the info provided by this post. That is unfair! faith was able to conceive faster than average for her age. For all of you ttc and a year has pa__sed by, do not ever loose hope, for the same number of women who conceive before their first year, there are women who conceive after their first year ... keep that in mind and much baby dust to you all!


faith - June 7

Wow, didnt think this thread would be a negative. Thanks to those of you who are supportive and to 'huh' _girl you need some happy pills or something. I got my info from my gyno and out of soon to be a mommy book. So sorry if they are wrong?! huh- im sorry it took you so long to get pregnant but now you are so just smile about it! In my mind 9 months was a very long time because all my friends seemed to get preggers in the first 2 to 3 months! Anyways I was just trying to give some hopeful info and to those of you who are respectful I hope we keep talking ... and to those who arent.. well.. why are you here if your just going to start drama?


rb - June 7

hey faith - congratulations! pretty crazy how you can post a thread to try and encourage people and you get c___pped all over huh? ;) don't worry about it tho! enjoy your (stress-free) pregnancy and your baby!



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