Some Hope For All Of You Ttc

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Josie - June 14

faith responded yesterday, so much for your theory! :)


Misty - June 14

I guess in a way I was responding for Faith when I should have just left things up to her. I feel like I know she was trying to be nice, but I guess I should have just left her to defend herself? I'm not really sure anymore, I always figured I should try to stick up for someone if they were being, in my opinion, misunderstood. But I guess she is a grown woman and can talk for herself. :-( I feel almost confused right now. Oh well. Perhaps I should have stood up for her or perhaps not. But it is done now. I don't regret anything I said though, but I should have maybe left it for her to defend herself and not done it for her. I wasn't ever trying to BE her though. So you are wrong in saying it that way Huh. Eh...whatever.


To Misty - June 15

Faith being nice? Did you see her last post? how nice is that? She spits on another woman's face and when the poor woman gets mad at the spitting. faith throws more poopoo at her. In my books that speaks very poorly or faith and it proves she was just showing off her good luck because she did not have to step all over the other woman!


Misty - June 15

I guess I just look at it differently. To me the first time she responded she was telling Anna to get over the fact that she was upset about what she (Faith) had written. Not tat she was saying to get over the fact that it took Anna years. And the second time...well yeah, she put the profanity in there. But I don't know that I would have done any differently if I put something on here with good intentions and then got attacked for it. That is how I am seeing it. Obviously many of you are looking at it a different way from me. It doesn't matter to me anymore though. Don't know why I let it affect me in te first place. I have many other more important things to worry about. Like lunch. :-) Hehe, seriously though, all of us are going through this together, it gets tough sometimes, we all know that. Blah blah, I'm rambling, have great days and pregnancies all of you. I mean that whole heartedly.


RB - June 15

hey misty - save your energy - remember last time? heheheh - just come back to the dark side...


8934 - July 6

Oooo, good one!


lizzyjordan4eva - June 1

Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing good. We are doing fine. I read your story. I am so happy for you. You must be happy too. I can see it. Yes, TTC is tough. It takes a lot of patience. Some people simply just lose hope after some failures. I always advise them to keep trying. Like you didn't give up and now you pregnant. Yes, There is hope for all. Take care. God bless.



Hey there Faith! Well, that's what stats say! Anyway! Congrats! Thanks for doing this supportive post. It will help many of us. So, yeah! Now, I'm also a TTC but, mine is too long. I've PCOS, which is not normal and easy to conceive through. So, I'm going IVF route. Anyway! Stay blessed! Thanks again. I hope to conceive soon. Just need prayers and luck!


monikadavid - June 5

Hey, Faith, I hope you are doing good. Congratulations to you! It must have been an exciting time of your life. Thank you for the encouraging words. Things are a bit different on my side as I have been diagnosed with infertility. However, I am trying my level best not to lose hope. I am going to visit a new doctor tomorow who is much more experienced doctor lets see how things escalate from that point. Sending baby dust to all those trying.


erin_wales - June 12

Thank you so much for sharing such supportive piece of info. It will definitely give us hope. I'm also TTC for more than three years. I'm facing some health issues. Due to which it's hard for me to conceive naturally. So, I've decided to go for surrogacy treatment. I hope that this time I'll not face any disappointment. Need your prayers and best wishes!


Samiah - June 12

Yes, my dear, we should always keep trying. TTC is tough though but we should believe that difficult roads often leads us to the beautiful destination. We should never lose hope. Good luck to everyone.


annataylor1 - June 12

Hey, Anna here. How are you doing? Well, I hope so you are doing fine. Well, I hope so you are doing fine. Congratulation for getting pregnant. It just so important thing for women in her life. Becoming pregnant first time is one of the best feelings in the world. Now take good care of you and stay relax.


ria_14 - June 13

Miracles happen every day. Just you need to believe in God. That HE has decided something best for you. TTC is very tough. Though it's painful too. It needs a lot of your patience. I wish everyone have a bundle of happiness


lindaswank - June 13

Hey. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. I totally agree with you that we should not lose hope immediately. Many of us after getting failed for some time think that they can not carry a child. Or there is kind of problem with them. I myself conceived my first child after 4 years of marriage. And it was all natural. I keep believing and did not lose hope. So yeah things will work for those who have hope. Best of luck you all.


erin_wales - June 18

Hope you are doing great. Well, thanks for sharing your experience here. It really made my day. I can’t explain my happiness for you. You have gone through very hard times. It would be difficult for you to bear such pain. But in the end, you got rid of them. TTC is tough for the newly married couples. It takes a lot from the intended couple. Some people give up after having so much failed tries. But your story is like the inspiration for them. You also had to face infertility but you never lost the heart. Surrogacy is so much beneficial for the mankind. I just want that it may fulfill everyone’s life with colors. Wishing you all the best for future. May you have many more.


CleoMarvel - July 5

Hey there. hope you are doing good. I am so happy for you. its good to know that people do get lucky and someday i will too. But so far 8 years of constant trying to conceive have ended in no gain. I was so depressed a couple of years back. But now with the support of my husband I am once again all set and ready for parenthood. Considering surrogacy now. This lotus clinic in Ukraine is something I have heard about but reading some of the negative comments on the forum I am going to ditch them. If they cant behave properly they dont need me. Best of luck for your fututre.



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