Some Hope For All Of You Ttc

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CleoMarvel - July 5

Hey there. hope you are doing good. I am so happy for you. its good to know that people do get lucky and someday i will too. But so far 8 years of constant trying to conceive have ended in no gain. I was so depressed a couple of years back. But now with the support of my husband I am once again all set and ready for parenthood. Considering surrogacy now. This lotus clinic in Ukraine is something I have heard about but reading some of the negative comments on the forum I am going to ditch them. If they cant behave properly they dont need me. Best of luck for your fututre.


erin_wales - July 7

Surrogacy is like a miracle. All you need is to stay positive. You have taken such a wise decision. TTC is hard to go through. You need to be strong to face such circumstances. I'm sure you'll get your desire soon. Wishing you all the best!


Samiah - July 7

Hey dear, hope you are good. Surrogacy is like a blessing of science. The last hope for infertile couples. Be calm, relaxed and positive. TTC is indeed hard but being positive is the key. My Good wishes and prayers Are with you. God bless you


pitjulie19 - July 7

Hey Dear! That a good news. I'm really happy for you. Perhaps, you are right. But the case is different everywhere. In some cases, the female diagnosed with some cervical issues, PCOS and many other factors that contribute to making a person stand in the line of infertility. In this way, the only wait can do nothing. Even people try for years but they fails. At that moment, some alternate methods are the only option for them. Later they went for it and become successful. 


nathalie335 - July 7

Hey there. How are you? How is your journey coming along? I am sorry that you had a bad experience. But do not give up hope. Some of these clinics are just a headache. At the same time there are many good clinics around as well. You should try contacting them.  

My friend had a beautiful daughter recently through surrogacy as well. She went to a clinic in Ukraine, which she cannot stop talking about. She had the best experience with them. They had different services to offer. And they really went an extra mile for their clients. At least they did with my friend. The clinic and the staff were so helpful. Hope things work out for you too.


rooha - July 9

That's great TTC in your case is successful. I am really happy for you. Now you will join our mother's group. Welcome to the motherhood. It's the best feeling in the world is the mother to be. I wish you a great future ahead. Best of luck


annataylor1 - July 9

Hey Dear. Congratulation for getting pregnant. This is really beautiful. Your post is so inspirational. I just loved reading your post. Indeed trying to conceive is not an easy task. It takes time to get things right. Glad that you did not get worried and handle all the matter very naturally. Now you are 6 months pregnant and after 3months you going to become a mother. Which it the most beautiful relation in the world. Take good care of yourself.


Bethany22 - July 29

Hey there! so sorry to hear about that. Women who face infertility can get really depressed. I had so much rage and anger in me when I was told I couldn't carry because of my age. I am near my forties and doctors thought it wasn't practical for me. I know there are many other reasons that stand between infertility as well. Reasons include cervical issues, placenta issues, PCOS and what not. If you are still considering surrogacy then check out Biotexcom. They have an event coming up in London on 17th and 18th of August this year. They have a very well organized team. You can contact them through their email as well. Feel free to ask me for any other help. The clinic's campaign is to help women in London who are seeking surrogacy. They provide amazing facilities. It is definitely worth a shot. I suggest you should always educate yourself on a clinic's services before registering with them. I recommend you to attend the event and decide for yourself.


Emma07 - August 29

Hi, dear! I hope you are fine. I agree with what you said. I have seen many people are complaining about them. Many people have negative remarks about them. Even their patients are not satisfied with their services. Everyone saying that they don't pick up the calls. They don't reply to anyone even after reading their emails. I don't know why they are doing this to everyone. It's so annoying for anyone to bear this all. I think we should stay away from such clinics. I hope you find the best clinic for yourself soon. Best wishes to you. Stay blessed.



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