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Lissi - October 26

Hi Tiffani! Only a few days left for you! :) Just wanted to say good luck with the c/sec, in case I don't get a chance to go online for a few days. Hope everything goes well. Give baby Dylan a kiss from me. Hugs!


MRS.R - October 26

Me too... Good luck... How were the meatb___s? Mine were YUMMY!! Hope to see baby pics.. I have mine up and running but it looks like c___p. To embara__sed to post them. :)


Chelsey - October 26

Tiffani! We're all cheering for you! 5 days to go? Yay! Kisses to baby Dylan from me too! And give yourself a big hug! This is so exciting! I haven't anxiously awaited a birth since Lissi had Nadya! (well, my own kids too!) Hope all is well! Mrs R - I made the meatb___s! They were awesome, but I wanna try your recipe! Common, just a peek of the site?


Karen - October 26

All the best Tiffani. Hope all goes well. See you un baby care soon. :)


MRS.R - October 26

Chelsy, i guess it was the week for meatb___s. So glad they were Yummy. My recipe is sooo easy just chili sauce and grape jelly. And very good.. Oh all right, i guess i will post my pics i am a total amateur on doing these things. My hubby is the wiz at that sort of thing. Please don't laugh.:)Here goes http://Russellclan.piczo.com


MRS.R - October 26

ok tiffani your turn. I would love to see your children.Chelsey do you have a site?


Chelsey - October 26

Zach is so cute! Those Christmas pictures are freakin' adorable! I could just eat your puppy, it is so sweet! My site is www.my2angels.piczo.com , take a peek!


MRS.R - October 26

Oh my Chelsey your kids are just adorable.. You are so lucky!! we are about to try again after having a misscariage in july. Wish me luck.


MRS.R - October 26

Oh and thanks for the Complement on Zach. I don't know where he gets his looks. My Dog is soo Spoiled. He is like another kid..


chelsey - October 26

Sorry to hear you had a misscarriage, Mrs.R. I hope that you will be able to conceive again real soon! Super Good Luck! Thanks for the compliments on my kids! I added a couple more....


tiffani~6 days to go!! - October 26

Hey ladies! Ahh, just 6 more days. I'm can't wait. Mrs. R~ love those pics of Zach, I especially love the Christmas pic when he was a baby, what a sweet little thing. My computer is having issues today, so I wasn't able to view all your pics, it was just taking forever to load. I'll try again tomorrow. Chelsey~ Your kids are just too cute for words. Don't you just love babies?!? Delicious! Lissi~ Thanks for thinking of me. Have you had the time to add more pictures of Nadya to your site? If you have, i'll need the link to it again. If you haven't, chop chop girlfriend. (who am I to talk, right?) Can't wait to get on here after I have Dylan and show him off to everyone. Of course, that means we have to actually get our web site done. Well ladies, I have to run and get dinner cooking. Talk to you soon. XOXOXO :o)


well... - November 2

Did tiffani have her babe yet?



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