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Angel - October 4

Hi.. I've posted several times here with my story. I guess you guys were right and I wasn't pregnant. I got my period this morning. I must admit, I am at a total loss. I was positive I had ovulated and I was almost convinced (after being 2 1/2 weeks late) that I was pregnant and just lucky that I hadn't any major symptoms. I guess I don't really need the results of the blood tests... I don't know what to do now. I was so sure of myself. I know the body has to adjust after coming off the pill (which was the beginning of June) but I thought there were signs in my CM of ovulation and that my cycles were just a bit messed up. I couldn't stop crying this morning... Can anyone give me some advice? I mean, how will I ever know when the right moment is? I can't afford expensive ovulation kits and apparently my CM isn't reliable... Anyone have some helpful advice ?


Tara - October 4

Hi Angel, im so sorry to here that the outcome wasnt what you wanted but i am sure it'll happen soon. Like you said the body needs time to adjust when coming off the pill, some people take longer than others. Try to relax and not worry as this is not going to help; it'll all happen in time. Dont rely on 14th day as being day to ovulate. I used the Persona which tells when you can have unprotected s_x without the risk of pregnancy (gives you red and green days) it also tells you when you ovulate so it is good for that too, but i ovulate anything as early as day 10 to day 17. A friend of mine is desperate for a baby and theyve been trying for ages, thing is she isnt all that into s_x so was always 'trying' around day 14, when she used the persona she was actually ovulating at day 8! So try not to focus on just day 14. Im sorry if iv rambled on a bit. Good luck with everything. xx


Angel - October 4

Thanks for your answer Tara. It's still a bit difficult coping with the disappointment. Like I said, Hope feels almost certain after 2 1/2 weeks. As for the tip, I was using the CM method of checking my fertility. CM = cervical mucus. I'll look into your suggestion though, thank you...


Viv - October 4

You could also try the Basal Body Temperature piece. It seems like a better method than CM. They sell those thermometers on the same counter as pregnancy tests.


E - October 4

The ovulation kits (EPT and Clearblue) are a great deal on eBay. Practically half off retail prices. They are always sealed and unexpired. That was what I did when charting my fertility. Here is the link when I typed "clearblue ovulation" into eBay's search engine...


kris - October 4

have s_x everyday throughout your cycle and hopefully it will happen i know one thing for sure it will certainly put a smile on your boyfriends face.


kris - October 4

also try not to think about it to much, i know its hard when you really want something so bad good luck and all the best


Angel - October 5

Hi there... Thanks for the tips everyone... the problem with Ebay is I don't think anyone would be willing to ship an ovulation test out to Europe. I'll have a look though, as well as for the BBT thermometer. As for having s_x everyday of your cycle, I read somewhere that it lowers the sperm count if you have s_x too much.... but thanks for the tip


Nick - October 5

The nurse in my doctor's office told me to have s_x every other day rather than every day, because the sperm needs time to settle. I'm not sure what that means. I probably should have asked more questions.


Marty - October 6

My GYN told me told not have s_x or let my husband masturbate for at least the time during my period & 6 days after. He said on the 6th day after my period to have s_x & continue every 48 hours. The more sperm that is built up the greater the chances of becoming pregnant are. He also said the best time to have s_x is the first thing in the morning. Well, this method worked for us. Maybe it will work for you too.


brooke - October 8

I had A hard time getting pregnant too, talk to your doctor. My doctor put me on progesterone and a pill called chlomed, and I got pregnant that month! Use the medical help that you can, I understand your loss and I think that you should ask your doc. about his treatment it worked for me. good luck sweetie.


Ana - October 8

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]



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