Do You Think This Is Rude

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Kerry - June 29

OK, my hubby and I haven't had s_x in months. He seems to understand that I'm in discomfort and have no desire. I do pleasure him in other ways from time to time ;) Anyway, my friend told me today that she discussed our lack of s_x life with her husband and they both agreed that I should let him spend $300-400 on a high class hooker. They said that would be the best thing for him. They were serious! I'm obviously not going to do that, but should I mention to her how rude that is? Not everyone has s_x until the day they give birth like the 2 of them. She's always telling me how p___nographic their s_x life is and I never act interested, but good for them I guess..... I could really care less about others' s_x lives. Am I over reacting?


Christina - June 29

Oh my gosh, I can't believe they suggested that!! I would be quite taken back by that comment if that were me. If it were me, I would probably just be like thanks but we aren't interested in stuff like that. That is weird, I think!


bmilk - June 29

What kind of friends would recommend that? It sounds like your friends need a little Dr. Phil. If my husband even considered that, he would be spending $300-$600 on child support and not hookers. You deserve better than that!!


alondra - June 29

I THINK YOUR FRIEND IS THE s_x ADDICT AND YOU ARE NORMAL! There is many couples that don't have much s_x during their pregnancy and they are totally ok with it, ITS NORMAL! as is also normal to be more h__y! :) I think you should stop telling your friend about your s_x life since it looks like you guys don't even share the same opinions...and its not rude at all if you tell her how much you disagree with her suggestion!


to Kerry - June 29

I agree with the other ladies. Your friends need to get some help! I would never even consider hiring someone to have s_x with my husband. I would never forget it, plus I would be scared he would expect that from then on, and if he did happen to "cheat" in the future, he might think it was ok......PLUS he should be understanding about your lack of s_xual desire. Good for your friends, but no good for you!


KrisD - June 29

That is just ridiculous, and obviously they have no respect for the concept of 'marriage'. Furthermore, I dont believe there is such a thing as a 'high-cla__s' hooker.


P - June 29

Well, since they BOTH agreed, lets call Heidi!! How ignorant!! Why would they a__sume that your husband wants to have s_x with anyone but you? That was a big insult to your husband as well as to you. I would seriuosly limit any relationship with these freaks if I were you.


littlemrsb - June 29

I think you are obviously doing your best to keep your husband satisfied (it gives you an opportunity to be creative with him) and HAPPY MARRIAGES are not based on s_x!!! I would be a little creeped out by how comfortable these friends feel with giving their very inappropriate 2-cents! I would be very cautious with what I share with them if I were you. It sounds like they give a little TMI!!! If I were in your shoes, I would be very tweaked by their suggestion. I hope everything works out for you and that you and your husband are able to just soak up your time together before this little one comes! Life is not all about s_x! Good grief! Anyway, God Bless You and your family.


littlemrsb - June 29

You guys should spend $400 on a nice, s_x-free, cuddly vacation weekend, just for the two of you! :)


Julie - June 29

If my husband ever even thought about having s_x with anyone but me he would be out on the street! Rude??? I don't know if this is the right word Sick may be a better word. I haven't had much s_x with my hubby either but he understands! I had morning sickness for 15 weeks, hemroids, a terrible cold, etc. When I am done with this baby well get back to normal!


Shelly - June 29

I'm actually speachless!!!!!!! And that don't happen very often.What kind of people are they? You said that she is always telling you details about their s_xlife and you never act interested,were you not interested in those details before you got pregnant?Cuz,if thats the case I don't understand your friendship with her.If you guys are close you should be able to feel free to tell her your feelings,and she should know your way of thinking as well. It does not sound to me like its a close friendship and if thats the case i would not like to have people like that around me. Second, I agree with KrisD, there is not such thing asa "high-cla__s" hooker. Did you mention this to your husband?If yes i'm curious to his reaction.And be happy you have a understanding husband, I agree,intercourse is not the only way,there are several ways to be intimate.Good luck to you and do some thinking..


Lissa - June 29

Well, first of all, you should have told her there's no such thing as a "high Cla__s" if i were you, I would have told her that she had no right to discuss your intimate life with anyone, even her husband, and you should have said that her suggestion was totally out of line and maybe her husband would do something like that, but your husband is quite happy with the situation he's in. I don't know, if someone said that to me, I would probably do my best to tell them how rude it was.


Lissi - June 29

I can't believe it either!!! Sounds to me like you are the one with a normal relationship and your friend is weird! I would be really offended if my friend disgussed my s_x life with her husband. There are some things you ought to be able to tell your friends in confidence. I would also feel really uncomfortable if my friends continually bragged to me about their s_x life. I know these subjects come up from time to time, but she sounds obsessed. She's a freak! I'd be careful what you tell her from now on.


Amy - June 29

kerry i would NEVER let my husband get a hooker he can wait till i'm ready or use his hand my husband is lucky if he gets it for the whole 9 mons and we are haveing our 4th so no i don't think your wrong at all!


JenniferB - June 29

Do high cla__s hookers give you high cla__s diseases too? Did they think about that? It wasn't just rude it was revolting.


Soleil - June 29

OMG that was rude. Not all couples have s_x while pregnant everyday, i know i didnt. I hate s_x during pregnancy and tried to avoid it as much as possible.


Jessica F. - June 29

NO you aren''t over reacting! I'd ask her what in God's name was she thinking discussing this with her husband?! Also would she want HER husband screwing around with some whore?? I would definitely tell her that it was a rude suggestion and to keep any other's no matter how well intended they are or seem to be to herself in the future, because she obviously doesn't know you very well in the first place. And furthermore I'd tell her to keep all her little s_x stories to herself because you aren't interested!! Geez you have made me mad at her now too! LOL



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