Teenage Babyshower Is That Weird

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erin - June 23

I am 16 and 4 months pregnant. My mom is becoming okay with it but it hasnt been easy. It was unplanned pregnacy and only my second time ever having s_x. I have never gotten under a B in school and have always been labled the " good girl" in highschool. My family has enough money for the baby and my boyfriend and I both work. Should I still have a babyshower? Is it weird for teenagers to have babyshowers? It just seems like a way to celebrate, and even tho I am happy I dont know that being a mom at 16 is somthing to celabrate. How do you feel? thanks --


Jen - June 23

I had one when I was 17. I got preg when I was 16.everyone seemed as happy for me as they would with any baby shower. You need all the baby stuff you can get so why not?


Jen - June 23

Oh by the way... becoming a young mom was the best thing that ever could've happened to me. It is definetly worth celabrating.


Soleil - June 23

Even at 16 with a new baby comming is definitely reason to celebrate. Go ahead and have a baby shower, like jen said u will need all the baby stuff you can get.


KH - June 23

I agree with Jen and Soleil :)


val - June 24

I agree with everybody else, I think you should definately have one. Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you should not celebrate having the baby....plus you will get lots of stuff you need. Congrats and I'm sure you will be a very good mother!!


Lissi - June 24

Teenager or not, your going to be a mother, so I don't see why you should be treated differently to any other mom 2 be. Be happy.


E - June 24

I think you should have a shower and enjoy every minute of it. Although I have strong feelings against teenage pregnancy, I feel that when one decides to keep their baby, they should invest as much positive energy into the pregnancy/baby as possible. The more positive you are, as well as your family and friends, the better off your child will be. Good luck and I wish you a healthy pregnancy:)


erin - June 24

thankyou guys for responding. I still dont know how I feel but thankyou


Lissi - June 24

Are you just feeling guilty because you feel like you've let everyone down? You can't undo the past, so there's no point beating yourself up about it. Don't let other people's prejudices get in the way of your happiness. This baby is coming now and you should be able to enjoy it and celebrate it.


Beth - June 24

I think you should definitely have one. If you don't have one for this baby, and then you have another one later on, they may not think you should have one because it's not your first baby. This baby is just as important as your next one would be anyway. You deserve it!


Melissa - June 24

OH MY GOSH!! HAVE ONE!!! You will get some much stuff you won't even know what to do with it all!! But that's a good thing! You will be really happy too because everyone there will be there to support you, if they weren't, then why would they come!? And I am kind of in the same place as you. I'm 18 and pregnant and was labeled the good girl too... although it definitely wansn't my first time having s_x! =p Well good luck!


Julz - June 24

Awww.......Honey, if I lived near you I would throw you a shower. Bless your heart. Most teen mom's your age would expect a shower, and be extremely ungrateful about it, but I really hope you have your shower and I hope that you get everything that you need. You're a smart girl, and you'll make a great mom!


E - June 24

Well said, Julz:) I would also throw you a shower. Like I said, I wish you the best and don't let anyone make you feel that you are less of a mom, just b/c you are a teen. If you get a shower, come back and let us know about all of the great stuff you got!!


erin - June 24

gosh you ladies are so suportive! thankyou so much! I think I will have one. I really greatful for all the post, it makes me feel a lot better about this situation. Tomarrow is the mark of my 22nd week and my boyfriend and I will find out the s_x of the baby! Im so nervous/excited!


P - June 24

You have yourself a party hun!! Every mom deserves a party for her baby(s) regardless of age. If you're happy then there's no reason not to share your happiness and if you're not so happy then a party is just what you need. :) I hope your little one is a little more forthcoming than my daughter was. She wouldn't show herself through four u/s! Little bugger, she's lucky she's cute... lol You sound like you a good head and a great family so I know you'll do great. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


kEEKEE - June 24

Well, to be honest, I'm not for teen pregnancy and baby showers. You would change my mind. I also was the "good girl" as a teen. That label is enough to make you feel guilty about your blessing. It sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Good grade and all. It sound like your baby will grow up in a nice stable home. You have a lot of postives in your life. so I say yes. Have a huge celebration. Have all your family and friends at the baby shower. I hope you have fun. Enjoy your baby shower!!! Congrats on your pregnancy. I was just 4 years older than you when I had my first. I know you can do this. Keep your head up. Again Congrats!!!!



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