Blood Does This Always Mean Miscarriage

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Anna - July 6

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and for the past few days I've been having brown discharge which I guess is normal(according to a few posts on here I heard quite a few of you experience this) But I first noticed a very small amout of blood after intercourse. My doctor told me not too worry because it was after intercourse and that it is likely to happen. She simply informed me to use lubricant if possible. But today after I used the bathroom to pee, I wiped and there was blood. I am so scared. Should I be worrying? I haven't experienced any type of pain but could this be a sure sign of miscarriage? Is a lil blood common or normal? Please Help....I don't know what to do.


P - July 6

A little blood is quite common. If there's no cramping or pa__sing of tissue I wouldn't worry too much. I had a m/c last April at around 7 weeks. I was pregnant again in June and my baby girl is sleeping upstairs right now. I don't think you're having a m/c but take it easy and try not to worry. Good luck.


kim - July 7

When I was pregnant with my second I had several episodes of bleeding, and like you I got all freaked out and ran to the ER thinking I was miscarring. They couldn't find a cause for it and told me as long as I have no pain it is fine. They did tell me to always report it to my DR.


miranda - July 7

Try not to worry. I had no bleeding at all with my first pregnancy, so this time around when I had 2 episodes of it - at 7 weeks and then again at 10 weeks - I was pretty upset and sure I would have a miscarriage. But I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and everything seems to be fine. One thing to keep in mind - I don't know if you're dr is the same as mine, but when I called in at 7 weeks saying I was having bleeding they said I could come in for an ultrasound for rea__surance and it was very rea__suring to see the little heart beating away. You might give them a call.


nelly - July 8

Bleeding can also be a sign of a low placenta Im not saying you have this but just ask your doctor about it ok.


E - July 8

I would not worry if it is brown as that is old blood. Fresh blood is red, and that can be a sign of something being wrong. The fact that you are not cramping is a great sign. A low placenta would not be an issue at 11 weeks. I had a low placenta (previa) and the bleeding began in my 17th or 18th week.



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