But I Have A Wedding To Go To

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mimi - May 11

okay, okay, i know your suppose to 'feed your cravings' while preggo, but here's my question; i am 17 weeks and i have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks and i dont want to look like a whale because i'll be in the pictures! is it really THAT bad to closely watch what you eat and work out everyday???


Lissi - May 11

I guess it depends on how much you work out and if watching what you eat means cutting down on food then it's not a good idea. You could do what I do at weddings and just make sure you're standing behind someone else in the photographs, so that only my head is showing. :)) What are you craving then? Cakes and chocolate?


Maleficent - May 11

don't cut out meals and snacks, relpace them with healthy things. you need to get a certain ammount of calories per day to stay healthy. i wouldn't *start* a rigorus work out routine, but if you have already been exercizing there is no reason to stop. i can sympathize with the wedding pictures, my sister is getting married in july and i'll be 7 months! thank the lord i was able to talk her out of having me in the wedding party. the thought of being 7 months pregnant in a bridesmaid dress gives me nightmares.


A - May 11

I wouldn't worry about it. You will look back at the pictures and remember the wonderful miracle you had in your belly at the time. My mom avoided all pictures when she was pg with my brother and I and she is VERY sorry now. She wishes she had them, at weddings she went to and everything. It makes you remember when this person got married, I was pg with whoever. Your kids will appreciate when they are older.


Maleficent - May 11

in light of what A said, i am glad i will have an opportunity to get dressed up and have some nice pictures to remember the pregnancy. i just don't care to be cast in the wedding party and put on display in lavender satin.


Kelly B - May 11

I have gone to 2 weddings since being prego (one was last weekend) and I am 27 weeks. I picked a cute black dress that I could grow into. People don't think prego women look like whales! They think it's cute. I know I look bigger but everyone kept telling me how great I looked!


nhb - May 11

I got married while 7 1/2 months pg AND with a sinus infection/cold combo--so don't even worry about it--my wedding pictures of MY OWN wedding have my belly, but I'm grateful for them now. Too bad I can't edit out the red nose though :)


rb - May 11

hi mimi - we have our good friends' wedding to go to in the beginning of Oct and I'm due mid-Oct... if it makes you feel any better, I won't just LOOK like a whale, I will BE a whale two weeks before my due date... i'd take it easy with the working out though - you can tone your arms, legs etc... but don't stress your core out too much... also, cut down on your salt intake so you don't look bloated... other than that, you should be fine... have fun!


jean - May 11

be glad you have a little life inside you enjoy your self


Alison - May 11

I agree that you could stand behind so majority of your body is hidden. Also standing straight towards the camera (not at an angle) it shouldn't show as much. Don't worry I'm sure you will look lovely! I can' t wait to start showing & I hope I do get photos of me when I am so I can show off my bump! :o) When our last company dinner dance happened I was still trying to get pregnant & feeling down about a recent miscarriage. I didn't go but I saw photos including ones of 2 very pregnant colleagues of mine and when I saw them in the photos with their big bellies I was just sooo jealous! Be proud of your bump it is a gift xxx P.s watching what you eat isn't bad as long as you eat enough & gentle excercise is good I've heard just don't overdo it


Jodie - May 11

I dont think a preggie belly makes a woman look like a whale at all, i think its the most beautiful shape in the world and you should be proud of it. There are thousands of women out there who would kill to have a pregnant belly. I know im d__n proud of mine :)



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