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Nicole - November 11

My period was due October 27th so i am about 2 weeks late. I took 2 pregnancy tests (first response) about 6 days ago and both were negative. I feel generally fine except joint aches, yucky tummy, pee alot, very tired, and vivid dreams so thism akes me wonder... I have been pregnant before, but miscarried, and I remember feeling much more sick, so I have doubts also. My question is, i can't keep wasting money on these pregnancy tests and I am tired of making appt.s to goto the doctor. is it likely to get a negative test at 2 weeks late, and still be pregnant? i need help


Lisa*9 - November 11

If you live in the states I heard that you can buy pg tests at the Dollar tree storefor$1.00 , People on this forum have said they work great too,after the results go to ....peeon a stick for more clairifacation of the results. Hope you find out your answer.


maybe preggers - November 11

yeah u can lol i actually just bought one this evening while we were out. a whopping dollar. its true lol. AT THE DOLLAR TREE. :-))


*X* - November 11

You can also buy them in big batches on Ebay for super cheap-cheap. They end up being less than $1 each.


Nicole - November 14

Thanks. But I took another one today and it was negative. I am 2 weeks late. Today I had this really strange rusty colored discharge but really really really light. Only when I wiped would i notice it. But it's a really disturbing color.. ick anyway. My question i am wondering is, is it possible to be 2 weeks late and still be getting negative tests .. can i totally rule out pregnancy? I am getting worried that I am sick or something bad...


Nicole - November 14

Also, i have felt so sick to my stomache, like, really nauseated for 3 weeks and thats why i am really worrying


To Nicole - November 14

2 test doubtful you are preg sounds like a bug you have . Maybe stress


carrie - November 14

hi nicole. I have heard of some women being several months preg and tests negative because of low levels of HCG hormone in urine. Ask doc for a blood test. You can buy batches of aimstick preg tests on ebay for really really cheap. good luck



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