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Angie - May 23

Is there a way you can get pregnant quicker, or anything that increases your chances of getting pregnant? I really want to start a family, so if anyone can share their personal experiences, I would greatly appreciate it.


m - May 23

be happy, release your stress, have s_x. You'll eventually get pregnant! Start taking your Folic Acid now.


lots - May 23

of s_x. Don't worry and stress about getting pregnant. When you least expect pregnancy it happens.....Baby Dust and good luck!!!!


jena - May 23

there really is no way to make mother nature hurry up. it took us 5-6 months to get pregnant, but it was only 2 months after we started charting - chart your BBT and know when you are ovulating - then, when you are ovulating, don't stress and enjoy s_x! also, be aware that you can ovulate at times other than mid-cycle and be ready to baby-dance then. good luck!


Danielle - May 24

If your period started on a saturday, wait two weeks then have s_x that saturday. Hell, it worked for me, and I was fresh off the pill.


KellyB - May 24

I bought the book:How To Get Pregnant Faster Naturally. Although I wasn't trying to get pregnant quickly, and thought it would take a long time. My husband and I got pregnant just 2 months after I went off the pill-I was on the pill for 13 years. I was taking prenatal vitamins for a couple of months before that, cut my caffiene and alcohol and had s_x while I was ovulating and vois la!! I got pregnant!


Karen - May 24

Start taking prenatal vitiams folic acid and have lots of s_x and make sure you have good orgasms !!! After all the s_x will be useless if u dont get pregnant that time. Ovualtion time have s_x the day before and after. ENJOY making you baby I surely did. Baby Dust to you and yours !!!1


Mary - May 24

I got pregnant twice on the months I decided not to worry about getting pregnant. There is something to say about the fact that if you worry too much, it may be harder to conceive.


Kellie - May 24

Honestly....I tried for 2 years. Then one night after we were done having s_x I kinda got on my back and put my leggs in the nothing would come out....and I am now 22 weeks pg. I stayed in that position for 30 mins.


Katherine - May 24

we started watching BBT and i became preg that month !!!!!! we had s_x before the day and the day i ovulated, good luck!!


P - May 24

s_x every other day worked for me. have a beautiful little girl now :)


Lissi - May 24

Eat healthy food, get regular excercise, take folic acid, have lots of s_x mid-cycle, stay lying down after s_x, try propping up your bottom with a pillow after s_x to keep the sperm inside for as long as possible, cut down on or preferably quit smoking and drinking. That should do it! :)



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