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kristap - June 17

Thank you guys for all the answers before! I went to a clinic yesterday and the nurse said that i was indeed pregnant, and that by all the information I gave her I was about 7 or so weeks along. I had no exam though, so withouth that I wont be sure. So heres my question: I have been having some bleeding, discharge I dunno what to call it... I would wake up in the morning and go downstairs to pee and I noticed that I just poured a brownish mucus or something out about a week and a half ago. But as soon as it flooded I had it no more. That happened one other time. Then now everyonce in a while when I go to the bathroom in the morning I wipe and it is a brownish mucus. Can anyone help? I am going to the doctor soon but until then does anyone have any ideas what it might be. or if its normal???? THANKS


Kristin72 - June 17

I had a brown mucuos discharge a around 6 weeks and also at 9 weeks...for a week off and on each time. I had my HCG double checked and I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days and they found the heartbeat a fetalpole and the yolk sac. I am now in my 18th week and things seem to be progressing nicely. If possible you should try to get an ultrasound to accurately date your pregnancy and to make sure everything is ok! After 9 weeks my Ob checked the heartbeat on a doppler and found it after some time. I also rented a doppler at around 11 weeks and have never regretted it as I can hear my babies heartbeat daily. Try not to worry if the blood is brown, if there is amounts when you wipe only and if the spotting is not a__sociated with cramping or bright red blood which can saturate a pad. If you are very stressed about this go to the emergency and they may be able to do an emergency ultrasound! Best of Luck to you!!! Kristin


KLT - June 19

I had this happen too. Its normal to have a little browning like that. If you bleed bleed, definitely call the doctor. A little spotted blood when you wipe or a little brown isn't anything to be alarmed about. After s_x sometimes, you'll bleed a tad too. If you are really freaked out about it, then call your doctor of course. I went thru several rounds of this at the beginning but now that i'm 23 weeks along I haven't experienced anything like that again..except after s_x.



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