Anyone Who Was Sure They Were Gonna Get Preggy Amp Did

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fara - March 17

hi ladies..did u 'just know' u were gonna get pregnant when u did??


Arinae - March 17

That's a funny question, but it is so true! I know the second me and my hubby were done having s_x both times I got pregnant. I remember just laying there with this strange feeling like "I know I just conceived" I was so weird. I just knew.


fara - March 17

reali? wow.. thats cool..


Arinae - March 17

My mother said she felt the same way too when she got pregnant. I was so strange like something was telling me.


fara - March 17

wow..well,i guess it depends person to person, many weeks pregnant ru?


Arinae - March 18

I am almost 10 weeks now. Did you know in someway?


MommyJenn26 - March 19

I also knew right afterwards..laying there that something had happened...soetimes u just have a gut feeling...womans intuition I guess;)


fara - March 19

I'm not preggy yet..i have been trying for 2 months..Good luck with ur pregnancies girls.!


rossgirl - March 20

My husband actually is the one with "the feeling" right now...he's sure we conceived on a particular date earlier this month but it's too soon to test just yet. Having some "symptoms" that I'm really hoping mean pregnancy though!! Have to wait and see...though glad to know this "feeling" is a real thing and it's out there!!


fara - March 20

hi Rossgirl..well let us know if u r ok.


SLP - March 21

My BF and I were not trying to conceive and I knew the moment it happened. We had a birth control mishap and as soon as we got done I rolled over and said I'm probably pregnant. Of course, I also knew that it was most likely the day I was ovulating. He didn't believe me until 2 weeks later when I got that BFP!!! I couldn't be happier now, though.


angelinakai - March 22

i had no idea. but my dh said that i looked different and so did my mom. my mom just smiled really big when she saw me bc she just knew... but that was before i knew :)


Lillie E - March 22

well, for us it was an accident, and i knew right away i was pregnant too. the day after we were walking around down town pasadena and i saw this store that had really cute clothes in it... was walk around and come to find out it was a maternaty store... haha we both thought it was really weird.



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