Bumbed 22 Weeks And Still Just Looking Fat Sigh

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JJ - June 2

I cant belive how fat I look, not pregnant FAT. Stragners dont know I am pregnant, the nurse at my DRs office didnt even know, while she was asking her regular questions she ask if there was a cahnce i could be pregnant???? are you kidding me!!! I dont know if its b/c I was a size 16 prior to pregnancy and thats why I dont show so much, but gezz, I am so sad and bumed.


Christina - June 2

Don't be! You will start to look pregnant soon!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 2

Are you wearing maternity clothes? My husband could put on a maternity shirt and look pregnant, not because he is fat, but because maternity shirts make anyone look pregnant. :o)


JJ - June 2

Ya I am wearing maternity cloths, and they dont help much at all. I have been wearing then scince me 4th month.


leslie - June 2

hey JJ when are you due? I am also 22 weeks and also look fat not pregnant..it sucks..I want to wear maternity shirts too!


JJ - June 2

I am due October 8th....its seems to be the longest pregnancy ever!!!


m - June 2

it's ok! don't worry! It won't be long - you will look pregnant soon. Wear some maternity tops that look "baby doll" tummy like. I was wearing maternity Tshirts and people still kinda couldn't tell, but since I bought a couple shirts that really look "baby doll" like and yes, people ARE noticing!


To JJ from Grumpy - June 2

I understand were your coming from, Im 25 weeks preggy and NOBODY can tell im 6 months preg. I was a size 18 when i got preg iv'e gained 10 lbs but can't really tell, i can feel were my tummy has gotten harder. The girl i work with said monday your starting to go throught the chunky faze! i said great most women do that at 12 weeks.. Not to metion i went to start my baby registry and they lady there said we don't advise you start on untill after 14 weeks! i wanted to cry!!! i told here i was 6 months and she thought i was lying!! will just wait to pop together!!!


P - June 2

I'm off work on maternity leave and people at work are asking where I am because they have no clue I was even pregnant!!! Went the whole pregnancy with some people thinking "daaaang! she's gettin' kinda poooorky!!!" I'm sure. lol


Grumpy - June 3

How far along are you now p?


P - June 3

My baby is 12 weeks today.


Lissi - June 3

I'm 26 weeks and those who know me say I look very pregnant, but I swear people in the street still look at me and think, "That girl's got one hell of a beer belly!" I feel so paranoid!


JJ - June 3

I am glad to hear I am not alone........I am still sad though.........hopefully tomorrow when I wake up my belly will magicaly pop out like i hear about with other people........wishful thinking??? maybe!


Karen - June 3

Dont worry JJ I know excatlly how you feel. I am 24 weeks and just started to look pregnant, before that I looked like I was gaining weight. I notice the looks and I was like "b___h" get a life I am pregnant. Now I get the " Oh that is what is happening" look. Now they are like gee your small for how are you are !! Dont know which one is worst. One day I just woke up and my belly was hugh and hard. Dont worry it will happen soon. All the best !!!!



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