Concerned Amp Need Some Thoughts About Utis And Pregnancy

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Candy - November 23

Ok, here's my last period was Nov. 6th; it last the normal 5-6 days with normal flow. I believe it was the 16th I started spotting, it lasted for about 3 days and it wasn't heavy at all...not even enough to really have to wear a pad, mainly it was just when I wiped. Well, on the 25th I felt alot of burning when I went pee (sorry TMI), so I went down to the ER and they said I have a UTI. Ok, that was just this past Friday...I have been on antibiotics and now for the past 2 days I have been feeling VERY sick to my stomach and VERY crampy...I've had UTIs before and I don't remember getting ANY type of cramping or feeling sick or anything; I just remember taking the antibiotics and it going away. I know this probably sounds stupid but could I actually be pregnant and the UTI just happened to of came about at the same time or what? I know I should and WILL go see my doctor but I'm just looking for some thoughts or advice...TIA :O)


Candy - November 24



Shelly - November 24

I don't think you are pregnant.But I really advice you to go and see your doctor.Let us know though!!!


*I* - November 24

I got a UTI when I was first pregnant. I knew I was pregnant, but didn't know about the UTI. I got it again in the 4th month, and had such horrible cramping that I had to make an emergency doctor appointment. I think I still have some infection, because I'm still so raw that I have some spotting, and it hurts when I pee. You could be pregnant. But the best thing to do is see your doc. A.S.A.P. No one will be able to tell you for sure.


To Candy. - November 25

I had a uti when i first got pregnant - it was the first one i'd ever had. my obgyn put me on a certain med that was safe when pregnant (i was too early for the test to show bfp). he did say that some uti's turn into bladder and/or kidney infections and if it does turn into a kidney infection they need to treat it right away because it can damage the kidney's. so you are right to go to your doctor right away just in case it has become a secondary infection. good luck!


Drew - November 26

With my daughter that was actually how I found out I was pregnant. I got a uti and they also do a pg test for s_xually active women so they don't prescribe you an antibiotic that's unsafe. So there is a possibility, but whats more likely is you either have a really bad infection thats not responding to oral antibiotics, or you have kidney stones which are also causing an infection. Uti's can cause nausea and fever, but kidnay stones would explain the cramping. You should see a doctor asap cause if you do get a serious uti you may need iv antibiotics, and as a previous poster has said, it can cause kidney problems. Good luck!


Candy - November 26 is Saturday and NOW for the past 3-4 days I have ALSO had a white discharge which I believe is a Yeast infection...I am 30 years old and have NEVER in my life had a yeast infection AND I am STILL cramping. My body is playing tricks on me.



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