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Lynn - August 21

In your opinion which diapers are the best to use? And any reasons why?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 21

For the first 3 months we used Pampers Swaddlers and LOVED them. We got a pack of Huggies Supreme size 2 and are using them now. I really really really like them. I didnt like Huggies for newborn. I think it just depends on how your baby grows. Pampers now are really tight around her legs and loose around her belly. Pampers fit just right. Who knows next month we might be in Dri Bottoms or something....


amanda.d - August 21

I always use pampers when the baby is newborn then when the baby hits size two I switch to huggies. Pampers "hold" newborn messes better than huggies but huggies are thinnier and make it easier for the baby to move.This is my personnal opinion. Hope this helps. P.S. I see that Little Tikes is coming out or has came out with diapers, anyone know how good they are?


N - August 21

I did exactly what the last two posters did.. used pampers for newborn and once in size two's switched to huggies ultratrim..


Lynn - August 21

I hope I didnt make a mistake then..I went ahead with Huggies and loaded up my diaper stacker,do you think they will be fine to use then I could switch to pampers?


Ranae - August 21

I have tried almost all brands and I like Luvs the best. They are cheaper then Huggies and Pampers which wasn't why I switched they just seem to fit better on my boys. I'm using 4's and 1's right now. Good Luck!


E (Aja's Mommy) - August 21

Swaddlers were great for the first months, then I switched to Pampers Cruisers (similar to swaddlers) during the day, and use Pampers Baby Dry at night. They are more absorbent than the the Crusiers. The Cruisers are thin so they are wonderful for the hot summer.


Julie - August 21

we are a pampers family we tried the others but only liked pampers.


karine - August 21

Pampers.....they smell good and are soft and they look good LOL


Britt - August 22

Hey Karine, I'm with you on the smell of Pampers! That soft scent was the first thing I noticed when I opened the package. Plus they are a lot softer than Huggies. :)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 22

To Lynn~ You will probably be fine with the huggies. The only problem we had with Newborn Huggies was the part between her legs was really stiff. She was born at 38 weeks and her ligaments in hips werent strong enough yet. We had to be very careful of how we pulled and tugged on her legs. The pediatritian reccommended pampers swaddlers because they are softer. The only reason was because we had to be careful of how we positioned her legs because they would grow that way. We had to make sure they were completely in sockets. I know that is probably more info than you needed, but I was just explaining. The plain huggies are stiff but if you get the huggies supreme they are GREAT!


MM - August 22

I have always used pampers and would never change. More comfy and never cut into my daughters sides. I swear by them and like I said I will use them with my son


BBK - August 22

Best ones we've used are Pampers swaddlers. Pampers "baby dry" are not nearly as soft as swaddlers and as for huggies, I think they're not as well made as pampers.


E - August 22

BBK - my bubble was burst when I realized they do not make Swaddlers beyond, i think, size 2. Maybe it is size 3. I was crushed:) I found Cruisers to be the equivalent.


BBK - August 22

Yup it is size 2 that is the highest for swaddlers. You can certainly tell the difference, like day and night. "Baby Dry" types leak but worse the side on the front part they have have a piece that is rough and has to be folded or it irritates the baby's skin. I'm glad the cruisers are good cause that's what they sell at Costco.... too big for the princess right now :-)


tiffani~71 days to go!! - August 22

Lynn~ With both of my kids I bought Pampers Swaddlers (with the cut out for the umbilical cord) for the first month. After the Swaddlers, I switched them to Pampers Cruisers. My son always leaked in the Cruisers, so I switched him to Huggies, which are the only diapers that would keep him, and us dry. In the grand scheme of things, diapers aren't anything to stress over. The Huggies that you've already bought will do you and the baby just fine. :o)



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