Driving After C Section

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KH - June 29

do you really have to wait 6 weeks. My dd goes to daycare 2 times a week so this would be impossible for me. My husband is taking 2 weeks off and of course he can do it for the 2 weeks, but after that, what do I do?


E - June 29

I think they want to make sure you are not on any pain meds. I drove 8 days after my c-section without problem. It's easier to fit in the car than when you are 9 months pregnant.


Jen - June 29

Last time my doc said 2 weeks. But I drove after 11/2 .


E - June 29

Mine said 3 weeks but I ignored them also. I don't have a chauffer to cart me around.


Lovely - June 29

Is/Was it hard putting Baby in the car seat? I'd figure with all the twisting, tiurnig and lifting of a 10lb baby in a car seat-thing would be most difficult. This is a HUGE fear I have right now, as I too, will be driving my son to school after about 2 weeks post-op. YIKES!!!!


E - June 29

Yes, it is hard to do that after a csec. In fact, you aren't supposed to be lifting heavy objects for a while. I am not sure what to tell you Lovely. Is there anyone that can drive him for 1 or 2 weeks so that you don't have to lift the seat? Also, you could leave the seat in the car and carry the baby to the car.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 30

After my 2nd c/s I drove myself to the childrens hospital to visit with my son. My hubby had to go back to work and I needed to be with my son, who was in the NICU. Nothing was going to stop me. I think 2 weeks post-op you'll be absolutley fine to drive. As far as lifting the baby carrier, you just have to take it easy. If you have someone to help you for atleast the first week, you'll be fine after that. If this is not your first c/s, you can also expect to heal much quicker than the first time. :o)


Lovely - July 1

Thanks, ladies!! This will be my second C-sec, and my DH will be around for 1 week. After that, I believe my M-i-l will be around, however, we will have moved to the country, and she (while she has a heart of gold) cannot drive safely to the corner store without either getting lost, or gatting into a silly accident, so driving the 10 or so miles to my son's school won't be an option. Plus, I don't think she'll be out at 8:30 in the morning. I think leaving the carrier in the car might be an option... or even taking baby out first, then coming back for the carrier... We'll have to see I guess... where there's a will...?



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