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E - March 7

My baby dropped about 1 week ago. I just started week 37. Is it common to have shooting pains in the va___a and up your ass right b4 labor? I am feeling more lower abdominal cramping as each day passes and am wondering if this is par for the course, or signs of a labor that is nearer than expected? What do you mamas think?


rose - March 7

i always beleived those pains were caused by the baby moving his head...after the baby drops, there are more nerve endings that his head is pressing against...(this is a good sign that his head is right on your cervix and labor is not far off!!!)


E - March 7

Could this be my cervix dilating? Do you feel it as it is happening? I go to the doc tomorrow, for the first "manual" exam, but am really anxious to know what you think.


E - March 7

Yeah, his head is against the cervix, in a major way. An ultrasound confirmed this.


rose - March 7

with the pressure of his head on the cervix, it softens it... i dont think you can feel dilation but it is possible that it has started my 37 week appt. with my first pregnancy i was 2 cm dilated before ever feeling a single contraction...i had my daughter only days later!!! i think the shooting pains are just the baby moving his head though...(thats what my dr told me when i had asked)


E - March 7

Thanks Rose:) I want him out but not this week. It is too soon, in my opinion.


rose - March 7

you will know more after your appt., its always exciting to hear that something is starting to happen......


lidia - March 7

I have three daughters and one on the way so I know all about that feeling its b___t cramps and that is a sign of labor I had it for at about two weeks one time you will most likely have back labor


E - March 7

Great.... just what I wanted, lol. I can barely walk due to the head placing pressure on a nerve in my right b___t cheek/lower back. You are probably right.


MandyD - March 7

Hey E! I think it's almost that time!! My sister dropped 2 weeks before she delivered, and was 37 weeks, 6 days when she gave birth. So, if you're anything like her, it could be any day now! And, he was 7 lbs 3 oz....imagine if he stayed in there another 2 weeks - YIKES! She started having bad contractions in her back about a week before as well, but ended up not having back labor, thank goodness. I think those are all good signs that you'll be meeting that baby soon!! Good luck hun! : )


Dez - March 7

Hey E I had those pains for about the last month of pregnancy and I never went into labor, lol. still had to be induced at 42 weeks, good luck


Ellie - March 7

Hi E - you're getting close!! I vividly remember those pains too, but my stubborn little German baby was two weeks overdue and I had to be induced. I kept thinking that it would happen any day, but not my luck! I a__sume this is your first baby? Towards the end I was sooo tired and in such discomfort I didn't want to do anything, let alone walk any farther than to the bathroom! Seems I was slowly dilating too, and the cervix was softening, but I still had to be induced. I wish you the very best, and I truly hope all goes well for you! And remember, try not to poop on the delivery table!! JK.


Misty - March 7

: ) I had those same pains, a lot when I walked and painful enough that it would make me walk funny.


KM - March 7

I had those pains too, sometimes really sudden and they would make me scream. I was told its just your baby putting pressure on your nerves and pubic bone. I had it like my whole last mnth, when they checked me the morning before my labour started, I was 1/2 cm. I don;t think it means much in terms of dialation. but I was also told that whether you are 3 or 0 cms, it makes no difference in how close your labour is. Because you can go like me from 1/2 to 3 in just 4 hrs, or u can be stuck at 3 for wks.Also, the day I went into labour I had SEVERE lower bakc pain, I couldn't even sit in one position for more than 30 secs. that was my early sign of labour, I also had to go to the bathroom a lot because my bowels were cleaning themselves out. then the contractions started


E - March 7

Wow. Thanks for all of the advice ladies!! I had to work at my part-time mall job today and almost died standing for 4 hours. Seriously, I cannot walk without a limp. It is the most intense pain in my b___t and back. I can only imagine what's in store for me....ugh. I have to say that nothing feels better than pooping at the end of the day:) It takes some of the pressure away. Again, thank you. All of the advice was very informative. I realize that my pains mean nothing definitive, and that I could go now or in weeks. Love to you all!!


E - March 7

Tiff-My bags were packed 2 months ago, lol. Call me excited, I suppose!! I am getting nervous, but not too much. I am so anxious to have this baby. I love him more than I can stand. I never knew I was capable of feeling like this. Having the 3-D images has helped me to bond with this little guy in a huge way. How are you feeling? Have not seen you around the block much.


tiffani - March 7

I've been quite busy lately and just haven't had much time to get on here. I've been going through withdrawl though and decided today everything else can wait, I need my daily therapy on this site. Lol. I cannot wait for you to have Aja. Your life is going to change in such a huge (awesome and wonderful) way. I remember crying almost nightly for about the first 2 weeks after I had my first. The overwhelming need to protect this child hit me like a mac truck. I was so paranoid that something would happen to her when I was sleeping, that I couldn't sleep. The hormones took rein of my emotions and showed me a love I never thought possible. Just wait until this time next year when baby fever smacks you in the face. Before you know it, you'll be longing for a sibling for Aja. 25 days until your due date!!! :o) Woohoo!



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