I Need Help With Due Date

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kjones - February 6

I was wondering if my last period was Dec.5th how many weeks am I and when Im I due?


Betul - February 6

How long are your cycles?


Trixie1 - February 6

If you had a 28 day cycle, then your conception date would've been around December 19, 2005. And your due date is probably around September 11, 2006.


Steph - February 6

If you have 28 day cycles, you are nine weeks pregnant and due on or about September 11, 2006.


kjones - February 6

well I was irregular and I had a last period in Dec. 5th and I dint have one in Jan. But I know for sure that I ovulated on Jan 24. I just had a blood test done today and she said that my HGG levals where really low and showed a positive test but she said they were 112 and that ment that it was very early in the pregnancy. Im worried because she said next week they were going to take blood again to see if they go up and if they go down that could mean miscarrage.


Daniella - February 11

Kjones- first if your period is irregular, you cant go by your LMP... how do you know "for sure" that you ovulated on Jan 24th?? If you did, then you subtract 14 days from that... making Jan 10th your LMP and add 40 weeks from that. ALSO..... 112 HCG is roughly 13-14 days after conception. So.. that would actually put you at exactly ovulating at Jan. 23rd or 24th ..... anyhow... yea.. use JAN 10TH for your LMP. I bet it will come out almost precise!! good luck!!


Daniella - February 11

Approximate Conception Date was: 1/24/2006 Approximate Fetal Age of your Baby: 4 weeks 4 days Approximate Due Date will be: 10/17/2006 ___off a chart!!


kjones - February 11



loulou - February 14

you would be due around september time


Daniella - February 14

No! If she ovulated Jan 24th, she would be due Oct. 17th!!


kjones - February 14

Daniella I think you are right, thanks!


Daniella - February 16

kjones- please update when you find out. Best of luck!! :)



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