Im So Scared Of Having A Misscarige

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jill - July 7

hey ladies. I am 4 weeks pregnant. I found out at 14 dpo. This is my first pregnacy and I am so so so so excited but I am so afriad of having a m/c. How many of you ladies had m/c? what were you signs? Any signs b4 you started bleeding? Im not like majorly stressin off of it, but it runs thru my mind atleast 1 time a day. Input info or personal experiences would be great. Thanks so much !


E - July 7

I had two, both at around the 6 week mark. The bleeding was light and increased, along with cramping. All I can say is please don't worry your pretty head about this. What is meant to be is mean to be. I didn't know this until I had my son and would gladly have suffered 100 miscarriages just to have him in my life. I know it does not make sense to everyone, but one day it will. Peace to you:)


question - July 7

whats DPO mean? I dont know the letters heres


Amy - July 7

jill i had 1 m/c on may 3 05 and i had no signs at all i took a hpt it was+ went and they checked my levels and they were a 27 so they said i was early or i would m/c then i went back on wed my levels 6.9 and they said i would m/c but i had no bleeding or anything so i went to get 2nd opinon and my levels were 48.9 then i went back on that mon and it was down to 6.5 and they to told me i would m/c a i still had no bleeding till may3 and it all started april 25


Misty - July 7

DPO is days past ovulation. I had a m/c on Jan 12th of this year. I got immediately pregnant afterwards. Like within less then two weeks. I'm six months now and the fear was in my mind also. I had no signs at all before I lost the one in Jan. I went to the bathroom one morning and after I peed a little bit of blood was dripping into the toilet (kind of graphic I know) just like before I start my period. That was exactly what it looked like. I went to the hospital and my levels were only like 100 but I was supposed to be 7 weeks. So they figured I would m/c. I did end up getting cramps that were very uncomfortable, but not too bad. Some women have them very bad, I didn't though luckily. Just think of it this way if it will help. There is nothing you can do to stop a m/c from happening. This is just something that is out of your control. Just try to accept whatever happens. This pregnancy is meant to be or it isn't. It helped me this time around to look at it that way.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 7

I think that's every womans fear when she's pregnant. Miscarriage and the babies health. As long as you're taking care of yourself, that's all you can do. Most miscarriages are not preventable, so I tried to take that into consideration when I would stress out about having one. It's beyond your control. Hang in there! :o)



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