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Heidi - June 23

What does everyone pay for their insurance through their employer? I'm going to have to kick out $257 every month for just the baby when it is born because mine is already free. We have good insurance that covers almost everything and there's only a $15 office copay. So far during my pregnancy I've only paid $30.00. Once for an office visit and once for a special colposcopy that's not included in the prenatal care. I can't complain but the family medical seems high. I don't know if I should get individual insurance for the baby once it's born or not. I have to wait 8 wks before I can apply through the same company but then I will have a deductible anywhere from $250 - $5000, depending on what I want to pay each month. Ouch! I'm just curious what everyone else has to fork out for family medical.


Heidi - June 23



Christina - June 23

My insurance is much higher. For just my husband and I it is around 260ish, nut when the baby gets here it will be like 500! I was thinking about looking elsewhere for insurance for myself and the baby. That is way too high! I have been looking for just individual insurance for the baby, but haven't had much luck. I will let you know if I find anything out.


Lynn - June 23

Right now we pay $111 every payday, so $240 a month roughly for medical... That is just medical too.. not dental or vision. I pay $30 EVERY TIME I go to the doctor's office and I have to pay $250 to stay in the hospital when the baby is born. And if the baby has to stay longer then me, then I have to pay another $250 for the baby to stay in the hospital. Once we add the baby it will go up to about $320 a month for insurance. We got to choose plans- my husband's emplyer offered 3 different plans and my emnployer offered 1 plan. So all together, this was the best coverage for the best price. Next year the cost will go up even more (this year it increased 40%). If your employer covers you for free you are one lucky lady!


well - June 23

my insurance isn't paid for, i have to pay 152 a month for me, and if i put the baby on my insurance it will be a total of 574 for me and the baby, i have a 20 co pay, a deductible of 1000. if i put the baby on my husbands insurance its 284 a month for both of them, 40 co-pay, 1000. deductible. i think we will go with my husbands insurance. my company is looking for a better insurance provider, i hope they find one soon. how much do you think a baby goes to the dr in a month? not a whole lot right. not enough to make up the difference between mine and my husbands insurance.


Heidi - June 23

My fiance works for the same place as me and we both get free insurance. I've been here 6 years and not paid a cent and neither does he, but once the baby comes, one of us has to kick in the family policy which is $257 and planning to go up, dental is another $35 but won't need that for a while for the baby. Check out Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They're reasonable but you always have the deductible but I'm thinking after a few months I might switch and take the deductible. It sucks but it's about 1/2 of what I'll be paying. As long as the baby has no pre-existing conditions.....then they sock ya. Both our dental is free too but it's not that great but pays the basics. Better than nothing! I'm waiting to hear from my insurance company on what gets paid for labor and hospital stay. I have Health Partners which is only Minnesota based insurance. It's really good though. I haven't paid but $30 so far and I'm 23 wks.


Jamie - June 23

I haven't, and won't, pay a dime. My husband's military, and stationed in Europe - while we're outside of the continental U.S., medical care is completely free. When we're back in the States, it's like a $10 co-pay.


Heidi - June 23

I wish the fiance was in the military! He was but that was before I met him. Bummer!


Heidi - June 23

My insurance just called and said they cover 100% hospital coverage for a minimum of 48 hours for a v____al delivery. Caesarean is minimum of 96 hours. If I go home before the minimum, then I get a minimum of a one home visit by a nurse for post-delivery care up to four days after delivery or education services or training in b___st and bottle feeding. They do not encourge mothers to leave early so they do not provide any compensation for early leave. Sounds like my insurance is pretty d__n good! I shouldn't complain anymore after reading some other posts. Preventative routine pre-and post-natal services are 100% also. Cicrumcision is covered to but I'm pretty sure it's a girl.


S - June 23

I pay about $125 every pay period (every two weeks) for myself & husband including life, dental & vision. Copays are $15 for primary, $25 for OB or specialty. I have to pay $500 when I go into labor, but I can stay as long as needed and get anything needed. I have no idea about when the baby actually has to be added though.


Katharine - June 23

I pay about $30/mo for me and $60 for my daughter. My husband pays $30 also, since we work for the same co. Once baby comes the monthly payment for both children will be 135/mo beyond my $30. Regular visit co-pays are $10/ appt, but maternity care ($50) and delivery ($200) will cost $250 total (no co-pay each time). Our includes vision, dental and hearing. I have had a few problems with prescriptions-they wanted me to pay $30/mo for the original prenatal I was prescribed. That would have added up quickly, so I switched to a generic and now pay $7, but will go up to $9 next month.


Heidi - June 24

I wish we were in Canada! Sounds like they got it made with medical insurance up there! I wish the U.S. would get their a__s in gear and solve our medical insurance problems!


Mary - June 24

Heidi I worked for BCBS for many years and I find it strange that single employees get 100% insurance paid for while married (family) gets none. So I have to a__sume that your company pays an yearly amount for insurance coverage which is enough to cover 100% of the single coverage but not enough to cover for a family coverage, which of course, should be more expensive. If that is the case you are onlu paying a portion of the insurance and your company is paying the rest. I am sure that if you where married to your bow, the amount you had to pay would be smaller. About the US having medical insurance problems, I agree with you 100%. But you do not seem to be among the millions of americans who cannot get insurance and have to pay 100% of the cost themselves. You are very lucky to be covered by such a great plan -100% is more than most of us in the us get for single insurance!


Mary - June 24

Neither myself, nor my fiance pay anything for our insurance at work. I've been here going on 7 years and single employees pay zero. The city pays 100% of our medical. Even if we get married, we're both city employees, therefore, it is still free. When the baby is born we have to add family medical to one of our policies though and then one of us will have to pay $257 a month for the baby. Yes we're very fortunate to have not had to pay anything since we've been working here. Our copay is $15 for in-network clinics and our prescriptions can vary from $5 and up. Emergency room is like $50 or $75.00 I think. I was told by our insurance agent that my labor would be paid 100%. Basically the city pays 100% of the premium for single employees, even if two employees get married, and then if they have kids or spouses who do not work within the city, they pay 50% of the premium. Which is $257.00, which I will have to pay once the baby is born. That is why I was considering going to BCBS or Health Partners for single insurance on the baby as the rates are cheaper, but do have a deductible to choose from, if there's no pre-existing conditions etc. The city is considering making single people pay part of their premium now as the rates keep going up and they say they can't afford to keep paying our rates and family is going up also. So we'll see!


Heidi - June 24

Oops, I meant to Mary on that last one! Sorry!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 24

We pay $300 a month for a family plan that covers ourselves and as many children as we choose to have. My husbands employer pays $450 in addition to what we pay as a benefit of his employment. I have a $15 co pay for office visits, except for pregnancy visits, which are billed to the insurance as a package. I have to pay 20% of the pregnancy package. We also have a $250 deductible per year, and are responsible for 20% of all hospital stays, up to a maximum of $2000 per person out of pocket, or $5000 per family.


Heidi - June 24

My pregnancy bill must be a package too because I received a copy of what was sent to my insurance on my first exam and it was like $500 something and I only paid $15 of my co-pay. Since then I've been in every month and never got a bill. Someone else told me that's how our clinic usually does it for pregnancy visits. One time bill unless you come in for stuff besides your one month check up. I'm surprised soem people are saying they get charged like $150 per visit???



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